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Principal Translations
usar vtr (utilizar, emplear) utilizeuse vtr
 Usan flores para hacer algunos perfumes.
 They use flowers to make some perfumes.
usarse vprnl (estar de moda) stylebe commonly worn vi + adv
 be in fashion v expr
 be all the rage v expr
 En mis tiempos de estudiante se usaban los pantalones acampanados.
 In my student days, bell-bottom pants were commonly worn.
Additional Translations
usar vtr (hábito en el atuendo)wear vtr
 Graciela usaba el pelo corto y la ropa holgada.
 Graciela wore her hair short and her clothing loose.
usar vtr (ejercer un derecho) rightexercise vtr
 En este caso voy a usar mi derecho a permanecer en silencio.
 In this case, I'm going to exercise my right to remain silent.
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms:
sin usar unused
usar algo con cabeza use something carefully
usar algo con control do something carefully
usar algo o a alguien como tapadera use someone or something as a shield
usar algo para use something to
usar como use as
usar el buen juicio use good judgment
usar indistintamente use interchangeably
usar la imaginación use one's imagination
usar para use to, use for
usar una personalidad falsa use a false identity
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