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Principal Translations
ya adv (ahora)now adv
 Quiero que entres en casa ya.
ya adv (anteriormente)already adv
 La policía ya había detenido al ladrón en dos ocasiones.
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Compound Forms:
¡basta ya! all right, already! enough, already!
¡basta ya!, ¡ya basta! all right, already!
¡corta ya! exclam ofensivo (cállate de una vez)shut up expr
 put a sock in it, give it a rest expr
 shut your face, shut your hole expr
 ¡Corta ya! Déjame en paz de una vez y no me cuentes más historias.
 Shut up! Leave me alone and don't tell me any more tales.
¡Toma ya! wow, look at that!
bueno, ya hablaremos we'll talk later then
desde ya from now on
ir ya para varios años que have been many years since
pues ya ves now you see
si ya os lo decía yo I told you so, didn't I tell you?
si ya sé I know, I know; I already know
si, ya veo yes, I see
vete a ver si ya puso la marrana get lost, beat it, go fly a kite, go play in traffic
ya basta enough is enough
ya con eso with that
ya contaba con he counted with
ya de ya enough is enough
ya decía yo no wonder
ya dice mucho it says a lot
ya empezamos mal we started on the wrong foot
ya empieza it started
ya entonces since then
ya era demasiado tarde it was already too late
ya era hora it was time
ya es historia it's history, it's ancient history
ya es hora it is time
ya es hora de que it is time that
ya es otro cantar and on to another topic
ya está bien that's enough
ya está dicho it's already been said
ya hablaremos we'll talk about it
ya iba siendo hora it was about time
ya le pasó he got over it
ya lo hemos podido comprobar we have been able to prove, we have verified it
ya lo sé I already know
ya lo ves as I told you
ya me comentas you'll give me your impressions later
ya me contarás you'll tell me later
ya me dices you'll tell me
ya me los sé I already know
ya merito not quite yet
ya mero not quite yet
ya mismo right now
ya nadie quiere nobody wants to now
ya ni modo nothing to do now, oh well
ya no not anymore
ya no basta con enough with
ya no hay caso what's the point now, there's no point now
ya no más no more
ya no tardo I won't take long, I won't be long
ya nos gustaría we would like to
ya nos tocaba it was our turn
ya nos vemos we'll see you, see you later
ya que considering that
 because, since, now, now that
ya que estamos since we are here, as long as we are here
ya que lo mencionas now that you mention it
ya se sabe it's already known
ya se ve it's obvious
ya se verá it is yet to be seen
ya sea either
ya te contaré I'll tell you later
ya te cuento I'll tell you
ya te tengo I got you
ya te vale interj España (te has pasado)shame on you, you've gone too far exclam
 Te he estado esperando dos horas, ya te vale.
ya todo está dicho everything has already been said
 everything is already said
ya va fr hecha coloquial (a menudo repetido) (un momento, espera)coming!, I'm coming! exclamation
 —¿Puedes venir un momento a la cocina? —¡Ya va!
ya va fr hecha Latinoamérica, coloquial (un momento, espera)it's OK adv phrase
 —¿Ves? Es fácil usar este programa. —Ya va, no entendí lo del menú de herramientas.
ya va siendo hora it's about time
ya veo I see
ya ves tú as you can see
yo ya lo sabía I knew it already
yo ya pensaba que no, pero I thought that wasn't the case, but
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