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Principal Translations
bowel n (of the body)intestino nm
bowels npl figurative (innermost part: of building, etc.)entrañas nfpl
Additional Translations
bowel n figurative (of building, city) figuradoentrañas nfpl
 interior nm
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms:
bowel cancer n (disease of intestines)cáncer de colon, cáncer colorrectal nm
 Poor Fred has been diagnosed with bowel cancer.
 Al pobre Fred le han diagnosticado cáncer de colon.
bowel movement n euphemism (defecation, evacuation)deposición nf
 eufemnecesidades nfpl
bowel movement n euphemism (faeces, bodily waste)excremento nm
 deyección nf
Note: Generalmente en plural: deyecciones.
 hez nf
Note: Generalmente en plural: heces.
irritable bowel syndrome n (IBS: painful bowel disorder) Medsíndrome de colon irritable nm
 Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a chronic disorder often associated with stomach pains.
 A causa del estrés comenzó a padecer el síndrome de colon irritable.
upper bowel n (topmost part of digestive system)intestino superior nm
 intestino proximal nm
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