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Principal Translations
absolutely adv (entirely)totalmente adv
 completamente adv
 absolutamente adv
absolutely interj (yes!)eso mismo interj
 España, coloquialmismamente interj
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Compound Forms:
absolutely impossible adj (not possible under any circumstances)absolutamente imposible loc adj
 It is absolutely impossible to win at most carnival games.
 I would find it absolutely impossible to leap over a wall with a single bound.
 Es absolutamente imposible que sea verdad eso que me cuentas; ¡todo el mundo hablaba bien de él!
absolutely not adv emphatic (not in any way, not at all)de ninguna manera loc adv
 I will absolutely not have anything to do with him.
 You may absolutely not go out Friday night.
 De ninguna manera quiero tener algo que ver con él.
absolutely not interj (not under any circumstances, no way)de ninguna manera interj
 You're not going to the party. Absolutely not!
 No vas a ir a la fiesta, ¡de ninguna manera!
absolutely right adj emphatic (completely correct) frmlabsolutamente en lo cierto loc adv
 You told me I would love this movie, and you were absolutely right.
 Me dijiste que me iba a gustar esta película, y estabas absolutamente en lo cierto.
absolutely terrific adj emphatic (excellent, wonderful)absolutamente maravilloso loc adj
 This smoked salmon is absolutely terrific with ginger sauce.
 The food was absolutely terrific.
 El salmón ahumado está absolutamente maravilloso con esa salsa.
not absolutely en absoluto adv
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