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Principal Translations
bulk n (unpackaged cargo)a granel loc adj
 compra y ventaal por mayor loc adv o adj
 The parts are going to be shipped in bulk.
 Las piezas se embarcarán a granel.
 Las piezas se embarcarán al por mayor.
bulk n (largeness) objetosbulto, volumen, tamaño nm
 objetosmole nf
 personascorpulencia, peso nf
 The box's bulk made it difficult to carry.
 Es difícil transportar una caja de ese volumen (or: bulto).
 Es difícil transportar una caja de ese mole.
 * Un hombre con esa corpulencia (or: peso) puede cargar casi cualquier cosa.
bulk n (the greater part of something)grueso nm
 la mayor parte, la mayoría loc nom
 They are requesting that the bulk of the payment be made in advance.
 Piden que el grueso del pago se haga por adelantado.
 La mayor parte de la población se opone a las reformas tributarias.
bulk n (foods: fibrous)fibra nf
 Her diet requires her to eat bulk to increase her fibre intake.
 Su dieta requiere alimentos fibrosos aumentar su ingesta de fibra.
the bulk (of [sth]) n (most, greater part)mayor parte nf
 They are requesting that the bulk of the payment be made in advance.
 Están pidiendo la mayor parte del pago por adelantado.
Additional Translations
bulk n (paper thickness)grosor nm
 The thickness of a piece of paper is called its bulk.
 El espesor de una hoja de papel se llama grosor.
bulk vi US (appear important)pesar vi
 ocupar un lugar importante (or: prominente) loc verb
 Military spending bulks large at election time.
 El gasto militar pesa mucho en época de elecciones.
 El gasto militar ocupa un lugar importante (or: prominente) en época de elecciones.
bulk [sth] vtr US (expand)incrementar, engrosar, aumentar vtr
 The city bulked the police force due to increased crime.
 El ayuntamiento ha incrementado el cuerpo de policía debido al aumento de delitos.
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Compound Forms:
bulk bag n (large sack for industrial materials)saco a granel, bolsa a granel nm, nf
bulk carrier n (cargo ship)buque carguero nm
 Shipping by bulk carrier, although slow, will cost much less than by air.
bulk folder n (e-mail folder for spam)carpeta de correo no deseado nf
 If you do not receive your password in an hour, you should check your bulk folder.
bulk handling n (transportation of industrial materials)envío en bulto n
bulk mail n (large amount of post delivered cheaply)mailing nm
 Bulk mail is the polite, commercial term for junk mail.
 Argentinaimpresos nm pl
bulk mail n (e-mail sent to multiple addresses)correo / mail electrónico colectivo nm
 correo masivo nm
bulk up vi phrasal (gain weight, put on muscle)muscularse vprnl
 He has really bulked up since joining the army.
 Realmente se ha musculado desde que entró en el ejército.
 ganar músculo loc verb
 Últimamente ha estado haciendo aparatos en el gimnasio y ha ganado mucho músculo.
in bulk adv (in large quantities) com.al por mayor loc adv
 I have five cats so I buy their food in bulk from the warehouse.
 com.a granel loc adj
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