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Principal Translations
daily adj (of every day, of each day)diario adj
 cotidiano adj
 The daily revenue was pretty consistent.
 Los ingresos diarios eran bastante constantes.
daily adv (every day)diariamente adv
 He gets paid in cash daily at that job.
 Le pagan en efectivo diariamente en ese trabajo.
Additional Translations
daily adj (counted by the day)diario adj
 He isn't paid by the hour. He gets a daily wage.
 A él no le pagan por hora. Tiene una remuneración diaria.
daily adv (day by day)día por día, todos los días loc adv
 México, América Centraldía con día loc adv
 The crisis is getting worse daily.
 La crisis empeora día por día.
 La crisis empeora día con día.
daily n (newspaper)periódico nm
 The reporter works for the local daily.
 El reportero trabaja para el periódico local.
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Compound Forms:
daily allowance n (amount permitted per day)presupuesto diario autorizado nm
daily allowance n (amount required per day: nutrients )requerimientos diarios nmpl
 That chocolate cake used up my daily allowance of calories!
 Con el postre que te comiste ya cubriste tus requerimientos diarios de calorías.
daily basis n (everyday occurrence)a diario loc adv
 I do an hour of exercise on a daily basis.
 Hago una hora de ejercicio a diario.
daily bread figuradoel pan de cada día
daily bread el pan nuestro de cada día nm
daily grind n (everyday work routine)rutina diaria nf
 After two weeks in Venice, it was hard to return to the daily grind.
 trajín diario nm
 normalidad nf
 Fue difícil volver a la normalidad después de las vacaciones.
 figbatalla / lucha diaria nf
daily life n (everyday existence)vida diaria nf
 Some people only practice their religion on holidays, while for others it is a part of their daily life.
 Para algunas personas la religión es una parte fundamental de su vida diaria.
 vida cotidiana nf+adj
 Su nuevo ensayo trataba sobre la vida cotidiana en la Edad Media.
daily newspaper n (newspaper published every day)diario nm
 The local newsagent delivers the daily newspaper to my door, so I can read it at leisure every morning over breakfast.
 Puerto Ricoperiódico nm
daily reality n (everyday fact or routine) fampan de cada día expr
 Living in fear of deportation is a daily reality for undocumented workers.
 El frío es pan de cada día para la gente que vive en campamentos.
daily round actividad diaria nf
daily round ronda diaria nf
daily routine n (sequence of things done every day)rutina diaria nf
 Reading the daily newspaper was a daily routine.
daily special n (restaurant's dish of the day)plato del día nm
 Our daily special today is chicken marsala, served with a rice pilaf.
 El plato del día es pollo al marsala, sale con guarnición de arroz pilaf.
on a daily basis adv (every day)todos los días loc adv
 I do an hour of exercise on a daily basis.
 Todos los días nos levantamos temprano.
 diariamente adv
 Diariamente salgo a dar un paseo.
recommended daily amount n de un alimento o nutrientecantidad diaria recomendada
recommended daily value n (nutrient: healthy amount per day)cantidad diaria recomendada, ingesta diaria recomendada nf
 The recommended daily value of dietary fiber is 25 to 35 grams.
 Treinta gramos de fibra es la ingesta diaria recomendada.
twice daily advdos veces al día loc adv
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