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Principal Translations
directory n (phone book) PRguía telefónica nf
 AmLdirectorio telefónico nm
 listín nm
Additional Translations
directory n (of companies)directorio nm
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Compound Forms:
business directory n (listing of businesses)directorio de empresas nm
Directory Enquiries n UK (service that lists phone numbers) TelefoníaInformación nm
 If you need to call someone, but don't have their number, you may be able to get their number by calling Directory Enquiries.
 Si necesitas llamar a alguien y no conoces su número, podrías conseguirlo llamando a Información.
ex-directory adj UK (telephone number not in a published directory; US = unlisted)que no figura en la guía
show directory n (listing of trade fairs) de comerciolistado de ferias loc nom m
 lista de ferias loc nom f
telephone directory n (book listing phone numbers)guía telefónica nf
 I need to look up a number in the telephone directory.
 La guía telefónica de la capital está dividida en más de 6 partes.
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