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Principal Translations
dog n (pet)perro n
 She got a dog for Christmas.
 Recibió un perro para Navidad.
Additional Translations
dog n (canis familiaris)perro nm
 There are many different breeds of dog.
 Hay muchas razas de perro diferentes.
dog n (animal)cánido nm
 Wolves, coyotes and dingoes are all dogs.
 Los lobos, los coyotes y los dingos, son cánidos.
dog n (contemptible person) insultocanalla n
 bribón nm
 bribona nf
 I'll get you back for that, you dog!
 Me desquitaré por esto ¡canalla!
dog n US informal (friend) España, coloquialcolega nm
 So how're you doing, you old dog!
 ¿Cómo te va, colega?
dog n slang (unattractive woman)adefesio nm
 Argentinapescado nm
 I wouldn't go out with her. She's a dog!
 Jamás saldría con ella ¡es un adefesio!
dog n informal (sthg worthless)chatarra nm
 That car of yours is a dog!
 Tienes un coche que es pura chatarra.
dog n informal (failure)fracaso nm
 His latest film was a dog.
 Su última película fue un fracaso.
dog vtr (chase with dogs) perroslanzar vtr
 Argentina, referido a perroslargar vtr
 They dogged the fox through the woods.
 Lanzaron a los perros tras el zorro a través del bosque.
dog vtr (hound, harass)acosar, perseguir vtr
 inquietar vtr
 The problem has been dogging me for days.
 El problema me ha estado acosando durante días.
dog vtr (follow)seguir vtr
 They dogged him all the way home.
 Lo siguieron todo el camino hasta su casa.
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Compound Forms:
Bernese mountain dog perro de montaña bernés nm
bird dog n (retriever: dog used in hunting birds) Argentinaperro cobrador nm
 Todos apostábamos a Sam, el experimentado perro cobrador que habíamos adiestrado durante todo un año para cazar gansos salvajes.
 Espperro de caza nm
 Españaperdiguero nm
bird dog n US (dog: pointer, setter) xxtranslation unavailable
cat and dog el perro y el gato
dog and pony show n idiom (show to get people's support, agreement) para aparentar, para dar imagenparipé nm
 pantomima nf
 show, montaje, espectáculo nm
dog bed n (basket for a domestic canine) Argentina, genéricocucha nf
 ¡Camine cucha, Dog!
dog biscuit n (biscuit for dogs)galleta para perros nf
dog box (Auto)caja de cambios con piñones rectos n
dog breeder ncriador de perros
dog carrier transportín nm
dog collar n literal (band worn around a dog's neck)collar (de perro) nm
 It seems as out of place as a pit bull with a pink dog collar.
dog collar n figurative (clergyman's collar)alzacuello nm
 He only wore his dog collar when acting in a clerical capacity - off-duty he wore the same clothes as you or I might wear.
dog crate jaula para perros n
dog days npl (hot summer period)canícula nf
 The dog days of summer were dangerous times as tempers were easily provoked.
 La canícula es un periodo delicado debido a que altera la conducta de las personas.
dog flea pulga de perro n
dog food n (processed food product for dogs)comida para perros nf
 Because my dog is not eating as much as he used to, I am going to buy a different brand of dog food.
 alimento para perros nm
dog groomer n (hairdresser for canines)peluquería canina nf
dog handler n policíaadiestrador de perros
dog harness arnés para perros n
dog house n literal (kennel for a domestic canine) AmLcucha nf
 La cucha de Dog está atrás de la casa, en el fondo del jardín.
dog in the manger n figurative (mean-spirited person) figel perro del hortelano expr
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 You have lost interest in her but you won't let your brother ask her out, aren't you being a bit of a dog in the manger?
 Has perdido interés en ella pero no permites que tu hermano le pida salir ¿no te estás comportando como el perro del hortelano?
dog in the manger adj figurative (mean spirited)envidioso adj
dog kennel n (small outhouse for a dog)caseta del perro, caseta para perros
dog leash n (lead for a canine)correa nf
 As Jack was always running off with other dogs, we have to put him on a dog leash when we take him for a walk now.
 A mi perro no le gusta que le ponga la correa para salir a pasear.
dog license, UK: dog licence n US (permit to own a dog)licencia del perro nf
 patente del perro nf
dog lover n ([sb] who likes dogs)amante de los perros nm
 Amanda has 5 wonderful dogs and is a true dog lover.
 frmlcanófilo nm
dog mess excremento de perro n
dog owner n ([sb] who owns one or more dogs)dueño del perro nm
 The dog tags identify the dog's owner.
dog paddle n nataciónbrazada de perro
dog paddle n nataciónnado de perro
dog pound n (shelter for stray dogs, dogs' home)perrera nf
dog race carrera de perros n
dog racing carrera de perros n
dog rose rosal silvestre n
dog rose escaramujo n
dog shelter n (temporary accommodation for homeless dogs)perrera nf
 We got our pet from the local dog shelter and he has become a part of our family.
 refugio canino nm
dog show n (competitive event in which pedigree dogs are displayed)concurso canino nm
 concurso de perros nm
 exposición canina nf
dog sitter n (person who minds [sb]'s dog in their absence)alguien te cuida el perro cuando estás fuera loc nom
 cuidador de perros loc nom
 canguro de perros loc nom
dog tag n literal (dog's identification tag)placa de identificación, plaquita de identificación nf
 The dog tags identify the dog's owner.
 chapa identificatoria nf
dog tag n figurative (soldier's identification tag)placa de indentificación/identidad nf
 Soldiers going on secret and covert operations must take off their dog tags, so they cannot be identified if they fall into enemy hands.
 chapa identificatoria nf
dog tired adj slang (person: exhausted)estar molido loc verb
 I worked 12 hours today and I am dog tired.
 agotado adj
 Argentinacon la lengua afuera loc adv
 Después de trabajar todo el día terminó con la lengua afuera.
 Argentinaestar hecho bolsa loc verb
dog track n (racing circuit for dogs)canódromo nm
 pista (de carrera) para perros nf
dog track n (dog's paw print)huella del perro nf
 You should have left the dog outside the house - now there are dog tracks all over my nice clean floor!
dog trainer n ([sb] who trains dogs in good behaviour)entrenador canino nm
 entrenador de perros (para buen comportamiento) nm
dog trainer n ([sb] who trains dogs in a particular role)entrenador de perros nm
 Our organization is taking volunteers to be dog trainers for "seeing-eye" dogs to assist the blind.
 entrenador canino nm
dog training adiestramiento de perros n
dog vane escarapela n
dog warden perro guardián n
dog-catcher nlacero
dog-catcher nperrero
dog-catcher nrecogedor de perros
dog-tired adjcansadísimo
dog-tired adjhecho polvo
dog-tired adjrendido
done up like a dog's dinner GB (dressed up)todo emperifollado adj
Eskimo dog perro esquimal nm
game dog n (dog that accompanies hunts)perro de caza nm
 Hounds and setters make some of the best game dogs.
 Tengo dos perros de caza.
good dog interj (used to praise a canine)buen chico interj
guard dog n (watch dog)perro guardián nm
 German shepherds make excellent guard dogs.
 Los pastores alemanes pueden convertirse en excelentes perros guardianes.
guide dog n (seeing-eye dog for a blind person)perro guía nm
 Labradors have traditionally been used as guide dogs.
 Guide dogs are trained to take their owners around obstacles.
 Los perros guía suelen ser muy mansos.
 perro lazarillo nm
gun dog perro de caza nm
hair of the dog cura resacas n
hot dog n (frankfurter sausage in a bun)hot dog loc nom m
 A hot dog and a soda is a classic American meal.
 perrito caliente nm
 perro caliente
 Argentinapancho nm
 Me comí un pancho con mostaza y ketchup.
 frankfurt nm
 Póngame un frankfurt y unas patatas fritas, por favor.
hot dog n US, informal ([sb] who does stunts to attract attention)la mayor atracción loc nom f
 See that guy on crutches; yesterday he was the biggest hot dog on the slopes.
 payaso adj
 farolero adj
hot dog interj (expression of enthusiasm and pleasure)¡buenísimo! interj
hot-dog stand, hot dog stand n (kiosk or counter selling hot dogs)puesto de perritos calientes nm
 Whenever I pass through Chicago, I try to stop at a hot-dog stand to pick up lunch.
 puesto de perros calientes nm
 puesto de salchichas nm
 Argentinapuesto de panchos nm
 Puerto Ricocarrito/puesto de hot dogs nm
hound-dog nperro de caza
house dog n (domestic canine, pet dog)perro nm
 One of the best house dogs, in the opinion of some people, is the poodle.
 frmlperro doméstico nm
hunting dog n (retriever, gun dog)perro de caza nm
 When you go out to shoot rabbits, you need to take a hunting dog to retrieve them.
lucky dog n (undeserving lucky person) normalmente inmerecidatío con suerte, tío con estrella loc nom
 sortudo n
 You lucky dog! I can't believe she agreed to go out with you!
 ¡Eres un tío con suerte! No puedo creer que quiera salir contigo.
mad dog n (rabid canine)perro rabioso loc
 I was bitten by a mad dog when taking a walk yesterday.
 Dicen que los perros rabiosos tienen hidrofobia.
mad dog n (plant: herb) Botánicaescutelaria nf
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