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economy n (of nation)economía nf
economy n (thriftiness)economía nf
 ahorro nm
 frugalidad nf
economy adj (for saving)de economía loc adj
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Compound Forms:
agrarian economy n (economy relying on farming)economía agrícola nf
 Much of the state of Mississippi is still dependent on an agrarian economy.
 La mayor parte del Estado de Mississippi aún depende de la economía agrícola.
booming economy n (prosperity)economía en auge nf
capitalist economy n (economy based on free market)capitalismo nm
 In a pure capitalist economy the government is supposed to interfere as little as possible.
diversified economy n (economy with many sources of wealth)economía diversificada nf
 A diversified economy is more stable during hard times.
 Una economía diversificada es más estable en tiempos adversos.
domestic economy n (economy of a given country)economía interna, economía nacional nf
 The domestic economy is affected in large part by the global economy
economy class, economy-class n (train: standard seating)clase turista nf
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 The economy class is a cheaper ticket than regular calss.
 En clase turista algunos vagones son antiguos e incómodos.
 transporteclase económica nf
 Compró los dos pasajes en clase económica.
economy class, economy-class adj (train seating: standard)de clase turista loc adj
 I am going to buy an economy class train ticket.
 Los billetes de clase turista suelen ser más baratos que los de clase preferente.
economy class, economy-class n (plane: low-cost seating)clase turista nf
 Economy class, plus taxes, was $340.
economy class, economy-class n as adj (plane seating: low cost)xx
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 I purchased an economy class ticket so that I would not have to dip into my savings.
economy drive n (to have an economy drive)ahorrar vi
economy drive n (to have an economy drive)economizar vi
economy prices precios económicos nmpl
economy size, economy-size n ([sth] large and relatively inexpensive)tamaño familiar nm
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 Next time you purchase toilet paper, please purchase the economy size.
 Compra el tamaño familiar, que se gasta mucho.
 Españatamaño ahorro nm
economy size, economy-size adj (large and relatively inexpensive)de tamaño familiar loc adj
 ¿Quién los entiende? El de tamaño familiar de tres kilos sale más caro que comprar tres de un kilo.
false economy n coloquial: Méxicoacción de cuidar los centavos y tirar los pesos nf
false economy nahorros falsos nmpl
free economy libre economía nf
grey economy n economíaeconomía gris nf
healthy economy n (situation of financial prosperity)prosperidad económica nf
 In a healthy economy there is moderate inflation and moderate unemployment.
 En épocas de prosperidad económica la inflación y la tasa de desempleo son menores.
 economía saneada
 Guapo, simpático y con una economía más que saneada.
 economía saludable nf
 economía boyante nf
industrial economy economía industrial nf
local economy n (commercial and financial situation of an area)economía local nf
 The local economy is lagging behind the national.
 The local economy relies greatly on tourism.
 La economía local se basa en productos agrícolas, principalmente el café y el banano.
 economía local nf
 La economía local de Magrathea sufrió una crisis de cinco millones de años.
mixed economy n (economy based on a mix of ideologies)economía de ideología mixta nf
 A an economic system that combines private and state enterprises is known as a mixed economy.
national economy n (economic situation of a country)economía nacional nf
 Everyone seems to be worried about the national economy these days.
 La economía nacional es un auténtico desastre.
planned economy economía planificada nf
political economy economía política nf
socialist economy economía socialista nf
sound economy economía fuerte nf
urban economy economía urbana
war economy n (allocation of resources in wartime)economía de guerra nf
 Many historians agree that the end of the economic depression of the 1930s came as a result of the war economy.
world economy economía mundial nf
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