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Principal Translations
evening n (late day and early night)tarde nf
 It is beautiful here in the evening.
 Este lugar es hermoso por la tarde.
Additional Translations
evening adj (light: twilight)crepúsculo nm
 after darknoche nf
 He could still see well in the evening light.
 Aún podía ver bien bajo la luz del crepúsculo.
evening n figurative (period of decline) literarioocaso nm
 At this point it was obvious that he was in the evening of his great life.
 En este punto estaba claro que había llegado al ocaso de su existencia.
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Compound Forms:
evening meal n (dinner or supper)cena nf
 They always had their evening meal together at 6pm.
 En Argentina, el horario de cena suele ser entre las 21 y las 22 hs.
evening performance n (theatre) teatrofunción de noche nf
evening primrose n (flowering plant) Españaonagra vespertina
evening reception n (wedding: party taking place in the evening)recepción por la noche nf
 We'll just invite close friends and family for the ceremony and the meal; the rest can come to the evening reception.
 fiesta (de casamiento) nf
evening shift nturno de tarde nm
evening star nestrella de Venus nf
good evening interj (greeting used towards the end of the day)buenas noches expr
in the evening adv (late in the day)al caer la tarde loc adv
 I generally return from work late in the evening.
 Por lo general vuelvo del trabajo al caer la tarde.
 a última hora de la tarde loc adv
 Por lo general vuelvo a casa del trabajo a última hora de la tarde.
social evening nnoche de sociedad
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