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Principal Translations
family n (parents and children)familia nf
 She grew up in a happy family.
 Ella creció en una familia feliz.
Additional Translations
family adj (of a family)familiar adj
 Sunday is a family day.
 El domingo es un día familiar por excelencia.
family adj (belonging to a family)familiar adj
 This clock is a family heirloom.
 Este reloj es una reliquia familiar.
family adj (pregnant)embarazada adj
 He put her in the family way.
 Él la dejó embarazada.
family n (clan, extended)familia nf
Note: Es más común usar el término "apellido" al referirse a "family name".
 He's always defending his family's name.
 Siempre está defendiendo el buen nombre de su familia.
family n (class, group)género nm
 Techno and hip-hop belong to the same family of music.
 Tecno y hip hop pertenecen al mismo género musical.
family n ([sb]'s children)familia nf
 España, coloquialprole nf
 That couple is planning a large family.
 Esa pareja está planeando formar una familia grande.
 Tienen una prole muy numerosa.
family n (lineage)estirpe nf
 She comes from a noble, ancient family.
 Ella proviene de una estirpe noble y antigua.
family n (biology: subdivision) biologíafamilia nf
 Tigers are part of the cat, or felidae, family.
 Los tigres forman parte de la familia de los gatos o félidos.
family n (linguistics: category)familia nf
 Basque is not part of the Indo-European family of languages.
 El vasco no forma parte de la familia lingüística indoeuropea.
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Compound Forms:
baby of the family n (youngest child)benjamín n
 el niño pequeño loc nom
cat family n (felines)familia de los felinos nf
 The lion is a member of the cat family.
 El león y la pantera pertenecen a la familia de los felinos.
extended family n (relatives)parientes nmpl
 I only see my extended family at Christmas time.
 parientes lejanos nmpl
 A los parientes lejanos los vemos muy de tanto en tanto, generalmente en ocasión de un entierro.
 litfamilia extendida nf
family album n (book of photographs of a family)álbum familiar nm
 There are few pictures of my dad in my family album.
 En el álbum familiar hay muy pocas fotos de mi papá.
Family Allowance nsubsidio familiar nm
family business n (company owned and run by a family)negocio familiar nm
 Eventually, his son will take over the family business.
 Empezó siendo un pequeño negocio familiar, una carnicería, hoy se ha transformado en una poderosa red de supermercados.
family butcher ncarnicero con quien la familia usualmente compra su carne nm
family circle ncírculo familiar nm
family counseling, UK: family counselling n US (therapy and guidance for families)terapia familiar nf
 El juez ordenó tres meses de terapia familiar, reevaluará el caso cuando se haya cumplido.
family court n derechocorte de familia nf
family court n derechocorte familiar nf
family court n derechojuzgado de lo familiar nm
family crest n (coat of arms for a particular surname)escudo de armas (familiar) loc nom
 blasón familiar nm
family destination n (holiday location popular with families)destino vacacional para la familia nm
family estate n (property passed down in a family)finca familiar nf
 La finca familiar es del siglo pasado.
 patrimonio (familiar) nm
 sucesión nf
family feud n (argument or hostility within a family)disputa familiar nf+adj
 discordia familiar nf
 El reparto de la herencia del abuelo produjo la discordia familiar.
family friend n (intimate acquaintance of one's family)amigo de la familia nm
 Es un amigo de la familia desde hace años.
family guy n US, informal (loving husband and father)hombre de familia nm
family life n (how a family lives, interacts)vida familiar, vida en familia loc nom f
family man nhombre de familia nm
family meal n (dinner eaten at home with family)comida familiar nf
 En casa era la norma: durante la comida familiar el televisor se apagaba.
family member n (close relative)familiar nm
 Your friends and family members are welcome to join us.
 The nurse said only family members were allowed to see the patient.
 La enfermera sólo dejó entrar en la habitación a los familiares de la paciente.
 miembro de la familia nm
family name n (surname, last name)apellido nm
 He's the last surviving male so it's his task to carry on the family name.
family planning n (use of contraception)planificación familiar nf
 Today, an estimated 350 million couples worldwide lack access to effective and affordable family planning.
family practice n medicinamedicina familiar nf
family restaurant n UK (eatery owned and run by a family)restaurante familiar nm
family room n US (living room, lounge) Méxicosala nf
 We have a big-screen TV in our family room.
 I love to sit in the family room and read a good book all day.
 Tenemos una TV de plasma en la sala
 Argentina, anglicliving nm
 Me gusta sentarme en el living y pasarme el día leyendo.
family tension n (hostility or disagreement within a family)tensión familiar nf
 My mother disinherited my older brother and that has caused family tension.
 discordia familiar nf
family ties npl (closeness to relatives)lazos familiares nmpl
 We live far away, but our family ties are still strong.
 Vivimos lejos, pero nuestros lazos familiares todavía son fuertes.
family tree n (genealogical chart)árbol genealógico nm
 My sixteen great, great grandparents sit at the top of my family tree.
family unit nfamilia nf
family unit ngrupo social primario nm
family unit nunidad familiar nf
family values npl (belief in traditional family unit)valores familiares nmpl
 Family values is often a code phrase to justify bigotry.
 Algunos los llaman "valores familiares", para mí no es más que puritanismo.
family-owned, family owned adj (belonging to a family)de propiedad familiar loc adj
family-owned business nnegocio familiar nm
family-sized adjde tamaño familiar
First Family n políticaPrimera Familia nf
grass family (Botany) Botánicafamilia de las hierbas v
grass family (Botany) Botánicafamilia Gramineae nf
grass family (Botany) Botánicafamilia Poaceae nf
happy family familia feliz n
host family n (family one lodges with)familia anfitriona nf
 My host family made me feel very welcome.
 We played host family to an exchange student from Germany.
human family familia humana n
immediate family n (parents, siblings, children)familia inmediata, familia nuclear nf
 Although I had confided in an uncle and a distant cousin, my immediate family knew nothing about my plans.
 núcleo familiar nm
large family n (family with many children)familia numerosa nf
 As the oldest child in a very large family she never wanted kids of her own.
 Se considera familia numerosa la integrada por uno o dos ascendientes con tres o más hijos, sean o no comunes, o dos hijos si uno es discapacitado.
lily family (Liliaceae)liliáceas nfpl
noble family n (aristocratic background)familia aristocrática nf
 Cuesta creer que sea de familia aristocrática, me pareció de lo más vulgar.
non-family adjque no es integrante de la familia
nuclear family n (basic family unit: parents and children) Sociol.familia nuclear nm
 Our family can be described as a nuclear family - my husband and I have 2 children.
 En la actualidad ha variado enormemente el concepto de familia nuclear.
 familia tradicional nf
 Tengo una familia tradicional: somos un matrimonio heterosexual con tres hijas (y un perro).
 núcleo familiar nm
 Lo malo de la separación es la ruptura del núcleo familiar.
one-parent family nfamilia monoparental
plants from chenopod family (Botany) Botánicaplantas de la familia de las chenopodiaceae nfpl
plants from chenopod family (Botany)plantas de la familia de las quenopodiáceas nfpl
plants from the goosefoot family (Botany) Botánicaplantas de la familia de las quenopodiáceas nfpl
plants from the goosefoot family (Botany) Botánicaplantas de la familia de las espinacas nfpl
raise a family v (bring up children)formar una familia loc verb
 educar a los hijos loc verb
royal family n (monarch and immediate relatives)familia real nf
 After marrying the prince, she was considered a member of the royal family.
 Cuando se casó con el príncipe pasó a formar parte de la familia real.
run in a family v (be inherited or genetic)ser un rasgo de familia loc verb
 Blue eyes must run in Anita's family since all of her sisters have them too.
 Parecería que es un rasgo de familia porque el padre y los dos tíos también son unos inútiles.
 venir de familia loc verb
 Los ojos claros me vienen de familia, abuelos, padres y hermanos, todos tienen ojos celestes.
 Puerto Ricocorre en la familia v
single family home n (house: detached) no adosadavivienda independiente loc nom f
 no adosadacasa nf
theatrical family n (acting dynasty)familia de actores nf
 Aunque pertenece a una familia de actores, prefirió estudiar medicina.
 saga de actores nf
 dinastía de actores nf
with your family con tu familia
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