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Principal Translations
feather n (plumage of a bird)pluma nf
feather adj (made of feathers)de plumas loc adj
Additional Translations
feather n (carpentry joint)lengüeta nf
feather vtr (hair: cut to look wispy)cortar en capas loc verb
 rebajar vtr
 Méxicodegrafilar vtr
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms:
birds of a feather npl figurative (people who are alike)tal para cual, Dios los cría y ellos se juntan frase hecha
eagle feather pluma de águila nm
feather duster n (feathered stick used for cleaning)plumero nm
 For cleaning venetian blinds, the best tool is a feather duster.
feather duster n (cleaning stick with artificial feathers)plumero nm
feather pillow n (soft headrest stuffed with feathers)almohada de plumas loc nom f
 My wife cannot sleep on a feather pillow due to her allergies.
 Mi esposa no puede dormir en una almohada de plumas a causa de su alergia.
feather-bedding ncama de plumas
feather-bedding nropa de cama de plumas
feather-brained adjcabeza de chorlito
feather-brained adjcabeza hueca
golden feather (Botany) Botánicabrecina nf
large feather pluma grande nf
ostrich feather n (feather of an ostrich)pluma de avestruz loc nom f
 In the photo she's covered only by a spray of ostrich feathers.
 En la foto, la chica sólo estaba cubierta por una capa de plumas de avestruz.
white feather pluma blanca nf
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