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Principal Translations
foreign adj (from another country)de fuera loc adj
 extranjero adj
 Is this wine foreign or is it from here?
 ¿Este vino es de fuera o es local?
 ¿Este vino es extranjero o del país?
Additional Translations
foreign adj (of international trade)exterior adj inv m/f
 Foreign trade increases year after year.
 El comercio exterior aumenta año tras año.
foreign adj (of international diplomacy) Españaexterior adj inv m/f
 The President spends much of his time on foreign relations.
 El presidente pasa demasiado tiempo en asuntos exteriores.
foreign adj (located outside a place)extranjero adj
 She lives in a foreign country.
 Vive en un país extranjero.
foreign adj (from other persons, things)extraño adj
 A foreign body got into the liquid.
 Había un cuerpo extraño en la botella.
foreign adj (not belonging) formalno autóctono loc adj
 This plant species is foreign to this area.
 Esta planta no es autóctona de la región.
foreign adj (unfamiliar, strange)extraño adj
 Eating insects is just so foreign to us.
 Comer insectos nos resulta muy extraño.
foreign adj (idea)extraño adj
 desconocido adj
 Macroeconomics is a foreign concept to most people.
 La macroeconomía es un concepto extraño para muchos.
 La macroeconomía es un concepto desconocido para la mayoría.
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Compound Forms:
English as a Foreign Language n (also EFL)inglés como lengua extranjera nm
English as a Foreign Language n (also EFL)inglés para extranjeros nm
foreign accent n (pronunciation of non-native language)acento extranjero nm
 When learning a new language, you will likely have a foreign accent.
 acento nm
 Tiene mucho vocabulario y domina la gramática pero lo delata su acento.
foreign affairs npl (politics: international relations)asuntos exteriores nmpl
 The professor was a prominent foreign affairs expert and had advised several presidents on international matters.
 relaciones exteriores nfpl
foreign aid n (assistance given to another nation)ayuda extranjera nf
 Many poor countries rely on foreign aid to provide their people with even the most basic services.
Foreign and Commonwealth Office n UKMinisterio de Asuntos Exteriores nm
foreign body n (object lodged where it does not belong)cuerpo extraño nm
 When they x-rayed him they saw a foreign body in his lung.
 La radiografía reveló un cuerpo extraño en el pulmón.
foreign correspondent n (journalist reporting from abroad)corresponsal (en el) extranjero nm
 The government has forbidden foreign correspondents from reporting on the demonstrations.
foreign currency n (money used in another country)moneda extranjera nf
 The euro is a foreign currency in the United States, and the dollar is a foreign currency in France.
 In Denmark, Sweden and the UK the Euro is still foreign currency.
 En Dinamarca, Suecia y el Reino Unido el euro sigue siendo moneda extranjera.
 divisa extranjera nf
foreign exchange cambio nm
foreign exchange broker agente de cambio nmf
foreign exchange dealer n comerciooperador cambiario nm
foreign exchange dealer n comerciooperador de cambio nm
foreign exchange dealer nagente de cambio nmf
foreign exchange market nmercado de divisas nm
foreign exchange program, UK: foreign exchange programme n US (students' foreign study scheme)programa de intercambio estudiantil loc nom m
foreign film n (movie made in another country)película extranjera nf+adj
 I enjoy watching foreign films more than domestic films.
 Disfruto mirando películas extranjeras más que películas nacionales.
foreign language n (language not one's mother tongue)lengua extranjera nf
 The sooner you start learning a foreign language, the easier it will be.
 Cuanto más pronto empieces a estudiar una lengua extranjera, tanto más sencillo te resultará aprenderla.
 segundo idioma nm
 idioma extranjero nm
foreign legion legión extranjera nf
foreign loan préstamo exterior nm
foreign made, foreign-made adj (manufactured abroad)fabricado en el extranjero loc adj
Note: hyphen used when term is adj before a noun
 Why buy a foreign-made product when you can get a domestic one cheaper?
 importado adj
 ¿Para qué comprar un producto importado si los nacionales son mejores y más baratos?
foreign minister n (government official responsible for international affairs) EspañaMinistro de Asuntos Exteriores nm
 The equivalent of the Secretary of State in the United States is known as the Foreign Minister in many other countries.
 Foreign ministers from over fifty countries attended the summit on global warming.
 Perú, ArgentinaMinistro de Relaciones Exteriores (RR.EE.) nm
foreign ministry n (government agency for international affairs) MéxicoSecretaría de Relaciones Exteriores nf
 She studied several languages in college, hoping to some day work for the foreign ministry.
 EspañaMinisterio de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación nm
foreign mission misión extranjera nf
foreign money n (currency of another country)moneda extranjera nf
 Foreign money is money they use in other countries.
foreign national n (citizen of another country)ciudadano extranjero nm
 Los ciudadanos extranjeros no tienen derecho a voto en el país.
 extranjero nm
foreign office n (government agency for international affairs)Oficina de Asuntos Exteriores nf
 The foreign office looks out for our country's interest in foreign countries.
foreign phrase n (expression in another language)expresión en otro idioma nf
 Certain foreign phrases like "deja vu" and "bon appétit" are useful because we lack good English equivalents.
 Usamos un montón de expresiones en otro idioma.
foreign policy n (government's approach to international affairs)Política Exterior nf
 Some argue that the relative poverty of Latin America is a direct consequence of US foreign policy in that region.
foreign secretary n (politician in charge of international affairs)Secretario de Estado de Asuntos Exteriores nm
 The foreign secretary usually accompanies the prime minister to international summit meetings.
foreign securities (Finance) finanzasvalores extranjeros nmpl
foreign service servicio diplomático nm
foreign service servicio exterior nm
foreign service officer funcionario del servicio exterior nm
foreign service officer funcionario diplomático nm
foreign trade n (international commerce) Argentinacomercio exterior nm
 Juan trabaja como operador de comercio exterior.
foreign war n (warfare waged in another country)guerra en el extranjero nf
foreign worker n ([sb] employed abroad)trabajador extranjero loc nom
foreign-language study n (learning of other languages)estudio de idiomas nm
 That university is well known for the diversity of programmes they offer in foreign-language study.
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