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Principal Translations
grape n (fruit)uva nf
grape n (vine) uva, vinouva nf
 vino nm
Additional Translations
grape n (colour) coloruva nf
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Compound Forms:
cabernet grape uva Cabernet nf
champagne grape uva de champaña nf
grape grinder n (machine for crushing grapes)prensa (de uva) nf
 En la antigüedad se prensaba la uva pisándola, pero ahora se utilizan diferentes tipos de prensas automatizadas.
grape growing cultivo de uvas nm
grape harvest n (gathering of ripe grapes from the vine)vendimia nf
 This year's grape harvest has been significantly hit by the poor summer weather.
grape hyacinth (Botany) Botánicajacinto de la uva nm
grape hyacinth (Botany) Botánicajacinto ramoso nm
grape juice n (nectar of the grape) AmLjugo de uva nm
 Some churches use actual wine for communion, while others prefer grape juice.
 zumo de uva nm
 zumo de uvas nm
 Españamosto nm
grape leaves npl (leaves of a grapevine)hojas de parra nfpl
 I don't have a grapevine, so I use bottled grape leaves to make dolmades.
 ¿Comiste alguna vez hojas de parra rellenas?
grape seed n (seed of a grape)pepita (de la uva) nf
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj
 I bought some grape-seed oil to cook with.
 semilla (de la uva) nf
grape variety n (type of grape)variedad de uva nf
 Nowadays, it is very common for the label on a wine bottle to identify the grape variety from which the wine is made.
grape wine n (alcoholic drink made from grapes)vino nm
white grape uva blanca nf
wine grape uva de vino nf
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