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Principal Translations
harvest n (farming)cosecha nm
harvest vtr (farming)cosechar vtr
Additional Translations
harvest n (season) temporadacosecha nm
harvest n figurative (result, consequence) figuradocosecha nm
harvest vtr (body: organs) un órgano para trasplanteextraer vtr
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms:
grape harvest n (gathering of ripe grapes from the vine)vendimia nf
 This year's grape harvest has been significantly hit by the poor summer weather.
harvest bin n (container for harvested crops)cesto (para la cosecha) nm
 Soon the harvest bin was overflowing with fruit.
harvest festival n (celebration of crops gathered)festival de la cosecha nm
 When celebrating the harvest festival, it's traditional to offer a small part of the harvest as a gift.
 Fiesta de la Cosecha nf
harvest grapes vi (gather ripe grapes from the vine)vendimia nf
 Every year we go to harvest grapes in Bordeaux.
 Hace años muchos jóvenes españoles se iban a Francia a trabajar en la vendimia.
 vendimiar vtr
harvest home n (celebration of the end of the harvest)fiesta de la vendimia nf
 Harvest home is one of the great traditions of the agricultural cycle.
harvest moon n luna llena alrededor del 23 septiembreluna de cosecha nf
harvest time n (season when crops are gathered)temporada de cosecha loc nom f
 When harvest time is over, the farm workers have a big celebration.
 cosecha nf
 tiempo de cosecha nm
 Méxicopizca nf
rich harvest n (bounty)cosecha abundante nf+adj
 We had a lot of rain this year, so we are promised a rich harvest.
 Una cosecha abundante suele bajar el precio del producto.
 buena cosecha nf
 A pesar de las heladas, tuvimos una buena cosecha de cerezas.
season of grape harvest vendimia nf
tobacco harvest n (gathering of tobacco-plant crop)cosecha de tabaco nf
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