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Principal Translations
hunter n (sport)cazador n
hunter n (person: kills for food)cazador nm
hunter n (animal: chases prey)cazador nm
 depredador nm
 The hawk is a highly-evolved hunter.
Additional Translations
hunter n (searcher)cazador n
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms:
bargain hunter n (shopper who seeks discounted goods)buscador de gangas nm
 The shopping centre is full of bargain hunters after Christmas.
 El Centro Comercial está lleno de buscadores de gangas, tras la campaña de Navidad.
big game hunter, big-game hunter n ([sb] who hunts large wild animals) Espcazador de caza mayor nm
 President Theodore Roosevelt was a conservationist, but also a big game hunter.
bounty hunter n ([sb] who captures wanted persons)cazador de recompensas nm
 Bounty hunters in the US are legal kidnappers.
 cazarrecompensas nmpl
duck hunter cazador de patos n
fortune hunter n ([sb] seeking to marry into wealth)cazafortuna(s) nm
 He's a fortune hunter; he's looking for a rich woman to marry.
game hunter n ([sb] who tracks wild animals)cazador nm
 The game hunter was arrested for shooting a protected species.
 El cazador recibió una multa por matar especies protegidas.
ghost hunter n ([sb] who searches for spirits)cazafantasmas nmf inv
hunter-gatherer n (member of primitive society)cazador-recolector nm
 Long before supermarkets existed, people lived off the land as hunter-gatherers.
hunter's moon luna del cazador n
job-hunter ndemandante de empleo nm
job-hunter n (also job-seeker)persona que busca trabajo nf
man hunter caza-talentos
treasure hunter buscador de tesoro
witch hunter cazador de brujas nm
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