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Principal Translations
husband n (married man)marido nm
 He is her husband. They got married three years ago.
 Es su marido. Se casaron hace tres años.
Additional Translations
husband vtr (manage carefully)administrar vtr
 She husbanded the project to a successful conclusion.
 Ella administró el proyecto hasta el éxito final.
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Compound Forms:
common-law husband n esposopareja de hecho nf
ex-husband nex marido nm
house husband n coloquialamo de casa loc nom m
husband and wife npl (married couple)marido y mujer npl
 John and I became husband and wife ten years ago today.
 esposos, un matrimonio nmpl, nm
husband-to-be n (fiancé: man one will marry)prometido mn
 Joan refuses to move in with her husband-to-be until they are married.
 Ella y su prometido van a casarse a final de año.
 novio nm
 El novio la invitó a mudarse a su casa, pero ella no quiere hasta que no estén casados.
husband-to-be n (man who is to be married)novio nm
live as husband and wife v (cohabit as a couple)vivir como marido y mujer vi
Note: euphemism
 They might as well be married; they live together as husband and wife.
 No sé si están casados, pero viven como marido y mujer.
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