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internal adj (on the inside)interno adj
 interior adj
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Compound Forms:
internal bleeding n (haemorrhage inside the body)hemorragia interna nf
 Hicieron todo lo posible para frenar la hemorragia interna.
internal dose n (amount of a substance ingested)cantidad ingerida, cantidad absorbida loc nom f
internal energy energía interna nf
internal friction fricción interna nf
internal injury n (damage inside the body)lesiones internas loc nom fpl
 She hardly looked injured after the car crash, but she died of internal injuries.
 Afortunadamente, no le encontraron lesiones internas después del accidente.
internal jugular vein vena yugular interna nf
internal mail n (post or e-mail within a company)correo interno nm
 Mándamelo por correo interno por favor.
internal medicine n (specialist diagnosis and treatment of disease)medicina interna nf
 As a medical student I wanted to specialise in internal medicine rather than surgery.
 A physician that practices internal medicine is called an internist.
 Argentinamedicina clínica nf
internal organ n (part inside the body)órgano nm
 Afortunadamente la bala no dañó ningún órgano.
Internal Revenue UShacienda pública nf
Internal Revenue Service n US (IRS: tax collection authority)Agencia Tributaria nf
 Every April 15th, Americans collectively groan as they mail their checks to the IRS.
 ArgentinaAFIP, Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos nf
internal stress tensión interna nf
internal vacancy n (job available within a company)vacante nf
 If you're looking for a transfer, there are a lot of internal vacancies in marketing.
 Trabajé seis meses como asistente no remunerado, cuando se produjo una vacante me contrataron.
internal-combustion engine motor de combustión interna nm
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