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Principal Translations
peripheral adj (on the outskirts, edges)periférico adj
peripheral adj (relating to periphery of vision)periférico adj
peripheral adj (issue: not central)periférico adj
peripheral n (computing: attached device) informáticaperiférico nm
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Compound Forms:
peripheral device n (external device connected to a computer)periférico nm
Note: peripheral devices (pl) is often shortened to 'peripherals'
 Dan upgraded his peripheral devices to wireless so now there are fewer cables around his computer.
 Cambió a periféricos inalámbricos ahora hay menos lío de cables.
 dispositivo externo nm
 Con los nuevos dispositivos externos es posible descargar información y almacenarla fuera de la computadora.
 (dispositivo) periférico nm
 El técnico recomendó cambiar a dispositivos periféricos compatibles con el equipo.
peripheral nervous system (Anatomy) Anatomíasistema nervioso periférico loc nom m
peripheral vision n (edges of one's sight)visión periférica nf
 My peripheral vision is much better with contact lenses than with glasses.
 Las patillas anchas dificultan la visión periférica.
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