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restaurant n (eating establishment)restaurante nm
 This restaurant serves good food.
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Compound Forms:
drive-in restaurant restaurante sin salir del coche n
family restaurant n UK (eatery owned and run by a family)restaurante familiar nm
fast-food restaurant n (quick service restaurant)restaurante de comida rápida loc nom m
 Fast-food restaurants tend to serve unhealthy food.
 Los restaurantes de comida rápida suelen servir comida no sana.
floating restaurant nrestaurante flotante nm
floating restaurant nrestorán flotante nm
restaurant booth n (partitioned area in an eatery) anticreservado nm
 They sat in a restaurant booth for hours, drinking coffee and talking about their families.
 Permanecieron durante horas en el reservado del restaurante, tomando café y charlando sobre sus familias.
restaurant car n (train carriage with buffet)coche comedor nm
 Dinning in the train's restaurant car while passing through the Swiss Alps is a most memorable dinning experience.
 En los viajes de la infancia, lo que más me gustaba era ir al coche comedor.
 coche restaurant nm
 Ni lo vimos durante el viaje, pues se fue al coche restaurant.
 vagón restaurante nm
 Me encantó la experiencia de cenar en el vagón restaurante mientras cruzábamos los Alpes suizos.
restaurant management n (business of running an eatery)gerenciamiento de restaurantes loc nom m
restaurant manager n ([sb] who runs an eating establishment)gerente del restaurante n mf
 ¡Llame urgentemente al gerente del restaurante!, ¡hay una mosca en mi sopa!
seafood restaurant n (eatery specializing in fish and shellfish)marisquería nf
 Probaron la langosta recién cocida en la marisquería del puerto.
sushi restaurant n (restaurant serving Japanese rice dishes)restaurante de sushi loc nom m
 There's a new sushi restaurant just a few miles from here.
 Hay un restaurante de sushi nuevo a sólo unas millas de aquí.
theme restaurant nrestaurante temático nm
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