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Principal Translations
scratch n (cut or scrape on skin)rasguño nm
scratch vi, vtr (an itchy body part)rascar vtr
 rascarse vipron
scratch, scratch oneself vtr (rub with fingernails)rasguñar vtr
scratch, scratch [sth], scratch oneself vtr (scrape, tear)rasgar vtr
scratch vtr (leave mark on [sth] glossy)rayar vtr
Additional Translations
scratch, (from) scratch n (starting from nothing)partir de cero loc verb
scratch, up to scratch n (required standard)altura nf
 talla nf
scratch, scratch [sth], scratch out, scratch [sth] out vtr literal (strike out: with pen, etc.)tachar vtr
scratch, scratch [sth], scratch out, scratch [sth] out vtr informal, figurative (cancel)cancelar vtr
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms:
be up to scratch vi informal, figurative (be of a sufficient standard)dar la talla
 I didn't get the job as a tour guide because my spoken Spanish wasn't up to scratch.
 Tengo miedo de no dar la talla en el concurso de la tele.
from scratch adv (starting with the raw materials)de/desde cero loc adv
 I made the cake with no mix, completely from scratch.
 Como no había planos, tuvimos que partir de cero
 desde lo básico loc adv
 No se nada de ajedrez así que necesito aprender desde lo básico.
scratch card n (instant lottery ticket) Argentina, famraspadita nf
 Henry was feeling lucky so he went to his local shop to buy a scratch card.
 Es una nueva promoción, las botellas vienen con una raspadita, te podés ganar muchos premios.
scratch mark nrasguño nm
scratch out vtr (erase, strike through)tachar vtr
 I scratched out the incorrect sentence.
 The salesman scratched out the price and wrote a lower price on the paperwork.
 Tachó el precio anterior y escribió uno más bajo.
scratch out vtr literal (remove by clawing)arrancar de un arañazo loc verb
 I think that crazy cat was trying to scratch my eyes out!
 Cuidado con ese gato, es malísimo, te puede arrancar un ojo de un arañazo.
scratch out vtr figurative (achieve with difficulty) figarañar vtr
 Even with two jobs, it's hard to scratch out a living in this city.
 In the early days the band was scratching out a meager existence by playing in local bars.
 Incluso con dos trabajos, apenas si araño lo suficiente para mantener a mi familia.
scratch pad bloc para apuntes nm
scratch paper n US (rough paper for notes, etc.)papel (de) borrador nm
 Just use scratch paper to quickly write down your ideas.
 You can use those nearly blank pages that have run through the printer as scratch paper.
 Para hacer las cuentas del mes uso papel (de) borrador.
scratch tape n informáticacinta magnética reutilizable para almacenar datos temporalmente nf
scratch test n medicinacutirreacción nf
scratch test nprueba de rayado loc nom f
scratch the surface v (examine superficially) figarañar la superficie loc verb
 If you scratch the surface, you´ll find out the deal is not as good as it seems.
 Lo presentan como un negocio sensacional, pero basta arañar un poco la superficie para darse cuenta de que es una estafa.
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