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Principal Translations
shade n (area not in sunlight)sombra nf
shade n (colour: tonal variation)tono nm
shade, shade [sb] vtr (shelter from sun)proteger contra el sol loc verb
 guarecer a la sombra loc verb
Additional Translations
shade n (block sun)sombra nf
shade n (parasol or awning to block sun)sombrilla nf
shade n figurative (little bit)pizca nf
 figuradomatiz nm
shade, shades npl colloquial (sunglasses)anteojos de sol loc nom m pl
 gafas de sol loc nom f pl
 lentes de sol loc nom m pl
shade, shade [sth] vtr (colour, tint)tonalizar vtr
 matizar vtr
shade, shade [sth] vtr (art: apply tonal values to)tonalizar vtr
 matizar vtr
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms:
dark shade tonalidad oscura loc nom f
in the shade adv (in shadow, out of the sun)a la sombra loc adv
 You should always stay in the shade in the hottest part of the day.
 Nunca tomes el sol en las horas más calurosas del día; debes estar a la sombra.
 en la sombra loc adv
lamp shade, lampshade n (cover that softens light from a bulb)pantalla nf
shade off degradar v
shade [sth] in v (art: fill [sth] in with tone)sombrear vtr
 Sombreamos el borde para darle profundidad a la imagen.
window shade n (curtain or blind)persiana nf
 I pull down the window shades to block the street light when I go to bed.
 La persiana impide completamente el paso de la luz.
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