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Principal Translations
shaft n (vertical air passage)hueco nm
 pozo nm
shaft n (for elevator, lift) ascensorhueco nm
shaft n (pole, rod)vara nf
 barra nf
shaft n (part of feather) plumacañón nm
Additional Translations
shaft vtr slang (cheat) jerga, a alguienputear vtr
 joder vtr
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms:
air shaft n US (vertical passage in a mine or building)patio de luces nm
 In my apartment, half the windows look out onto the street and half into the air shaft.
 patio de luz nm
crank shaft n (part of an engine)cigüeñal nm
 En el centro, hay talleres que reparan exclusivamente cigüeñales.
drive shaft árbol motor n
elevator shaft, UK: lift shaft n US (vertical passage for a lift)hueco del ascensor nm
 Méxicocubo del elevador nm
humeral shaft n (part of the upper arm) Anatomíadiáfisis humeral nf
 Tiene una fractura completa de la diáfisis humeral
mine shaft, mineshaft n (vertical underground tunnel)pozo de mina nm
 Abandoned mine shafts are very dangerous and should be avoided.
propeller shaft árbol de transmisión nm
shaft of light rayo de luz nm
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