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Principal Translations
sniff vtr (smell [sth]) algooler vtr
 olfatear vtr
sniff n (audible inhalation)aspiración nf
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Compound Forms:
sniff around vi literal (dog, etc.: try to pick up a scent)rastrear (con el olfato) loc verb
sniff around vi figurative (person: try to detect or find [sth]) fighusmear vtr
 Ahí viene la chismosa de la vecina de nuevo, a husmear como siempre.
sniff at vtr figurative (be contemptuous of)desechar vtr
 The fans sniffed at the choice of new manager for the football club.
 Desechó la idea con un gesto de rechazo.
sniff at vtr literal (attempt to smell)olfatear, olisquear vtr
 The dog was sniffing at the cupboard that contained his food, indicating he was hungry.
 El perro estaba olisqueando el armario de la comida porque tenía hambre.
sniff out vtr informal, figurative (detect) figoler vi
 A good auditor can sniff out the problems an accountant has disguised.
 Mi madre huele cuando le miento.
 figolerse vpron
 Me huelo que hay gato encerrado, pero igual voy a ir, quiero averiguar de qué se trata.
sniff out vtr literal (locate by smell)rastrear con el olfato vtr
 The K9 corps really does a great job of sniffing out hidden drugs.
 El grupo K9 hizo un gran trabajo rastreando con el olfato las drogas escondidas.
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