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tennis n (sport)tenis nm
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Compound Forms:
lawn tennis n (sport: ballgame played on a grass court)tenis sobre hierba nm
 Wimbledon, in London, is the world's oldest lawn tennis club.
 tenis sobre césped nm
 pista de hierba nf
 Wimbledon tiene la pista de hierba más antigua del mundo.
paddle tennis n (tennis-like sport played with bats)paddle nm
 She preferred playing paddle tennis, as it was less exhausting than the larger court used in regular tennis.
 Todos los viernes a la noche vamos a jugar al paddle con los amigos del barrio.
 pádel nm
real tennis tennis real
table tennis n (sport: ping-pong)tenis de mesa nm
 Table tennis balls are so light that they feel as though they'd break easily, but they are very strong.
 Me gusta el tenis de mesa, pero prefiero el billar.
table tennis player n (sportsman who plays ping-pong)jugador de tenis de mesa nm
 jugador de ping-pong nm
tennis ball n (rubber ball used in tennis)pelota/pelotita de tenis nf
 La pelotita de tenis rodó casi hasta el borde de la cancha.
tennis club n (association or group for tennis players)club de tenis nm
tennis court n (ground marked out for tennis)cancha de tenis nf
 The tennis courts for the French Open are clay, but the tennis courts at Wimbledon are grass.
 Entró en la cancha de tenis convencido de que iba a ganar.
 pista de tenis nf
tennis elbow n informal, figurative (inflammation of the elbow joint) coloqcodo de tenista nm
 I never knew you could get tennis elbow even if you don't play tennis.
 El médico le dijo que tenía codo de tenista.
 Medepicondilitis nm
 Le diagnosticaron epicondilitis.
tennis match n (game of lawn tennis)partido de tenis loc nom m
tennis net n (mesh that divides tennis court in half)red nf
 Si al sacar la pelota toca la red, tienes que sacar de nuevo.
tennis player n (sportsperson who plays tennis)tenista n mf
 The two tennis players spent all afternoon working on their technique.
 De mayor quiere ser tenista.
 jugador de tenis nm
tennis racket n (long-handled bat used in tennis)raqueta (de tenis) nf
 Most tennis rackets used to be made of wood, but now most are made of aluminum or graphite.
 Tiró las raquetas por el aire y dijo: "¡no juego más tenis!".
tennis shoe n (sneaker, trainer)zapatillas de tenis, zapatillas para tenis nf
 Me compré unas zapatillas de tenis muy cómodas !
 Argentinazapatilla nf
tennis shoes npl (sneakers, trainers)zapatillas de tenis nmpl
 Unas buenas zapatillas de tenis son carísimas.
tennis whites nplropa blanca para jugar tenis nf
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