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transplant n (organ transplant operation)trasplante nm
transplant vtr (organ: transfer surgically) órganotrasplantar vtr
transplant vtr (people: relocate) personatrasplantar vtr
transplant n (transplanted organ)trasplante nm
transplant n (migrant, relocated person)inmigrante com.
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Compound Forms:
bone-marrow transplant ntranslation unavailable
bone-marrow transplant ntrasplante de médula ósea nm
heart transplant n (surgery to replace a patient's heart)trasplante de corazón mn
heart transplant patient npaciente de trasplante de corazón nmf
kidney transplant n (surgery to replace a kidney) Medtrasplante de riñón nm
 The doctor told him that he would need a kidney transplant to survive.
 They can't do the kidney transplant until they fine a donor.
 Tenía el riñón muy dañado, la única solución era hacerle un trasplante.
organ transplant n medicinatrasplante de órgano
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