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Principal Translations
treasure n (pirate's)tesoro nm
 botín nm
treasure n figurative ([sth] highly valued)tesoro nm
 joya nf
treasure n figurative (wonderful or valued person)tesoro nm
treasure vtr (appreciate)atesorar vtr
 apreciar vtr
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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:

Compound Forms:
buried treasure n literal (valuable items buried in a chest)tesoro escondido / enterrado nm
 Horace bought a metal detector so he could look for buried treasure.
buried treasure n figurative (computing: surprise feature, Easter egg)sorpresa oculta nf
Note: En general se usa en plural: sorpresas ocultas
 Programmers have put buried treasure into the programs that can only be found with certain keyboard commands.
 El nuevo juego incluye numerosas sorpresas ocultas que se descubren mediante combinaciones del teclado.
 perla nf
treasure box cofre del tesoro
treasure box caja de tesoro
treasure chest cofre del tesoro
treasure chest caja de tesoro
treasure house n figurative figurativomina nf
treasure hunt n (game: search for [sth] precious)búsqueda del tesoro nf
 Looking for a lost sock in the messy room was like going on a treasure hunt.
 Tratar de encontrar un calcetín en un cuarto desordenado es como la búsqueda del tesoro.
treasure hunter buscador de tesoro
treasure room salón de antigüedades
treasure- trove tesoro oculto
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