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tropical adj (climate: hot, humid)tropical adj inv m/f
tropical adj (plant, animal: of the tropics)tropical adj inv m/f
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Compound Forms:
tropical aquarium n (tank of tropical fish)acuario tropical nm
 This tropical aquarium has angelfish, clown loaches, and other colorful varieties.
 acuario de peces tropicales nm
tropical cyclone n (hurricane with rainstorms) Meteorologíaciclón tropical nm
 The tropical cyclone caused widespread flooding on the coast.
 Los ciclones tropicales producen fuertes vientos y abundante lluvia.
tropical fish n (fish from tropical waters)pez tropical nm
 Many collectors of tropical fish are particularly proud of their angelfish.
 Los peces de colores más llamativos que he visto son los peces tropicales.
tropical forest n (dense woodland in equatorial area)bosque tropical nm
 El bosque tropical alberga una fauna impresionante.
 selva nf
tropical fruit n (fruit that grows in equatorial areas)fruta tropical nf
 Hoy en día puedes encontrar cualquier tipo de fruta tropical
tropical heat calor tropical
tropical island n (isle in the tropics)isla tropical loc nom f
tropical medicine n (study of diseases of the tropics)medicina tropical nf
 Tropical medicine deals with many diseases that are rarely seen in the US.
tropical paradise n (idyllic location in equatorial area)paraíso tropical nm
tropical rainforest n (dense woodland in equatorial area)selva tropical nf
tropical storm n (cyclone) Meteorología (ciclón)tormenta tropical nf
 The tropical storm caused major flooding and wind damage.
 Las tormentas tropicales transportan y distribuyen el calor global que emana de los océanos.
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