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verb n (grammar)verbo nm
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Compound Forms:
auxiliary verb n (verb: modal, modifying)verbo auxiliar nm
 gramáticaauxiliar nm
 En la voz pasiva, el verbo "ser" funciona como auxiliar.
intransitive verb verbo intransitivo nm
irregular verb n (verb with non-standard past tense)verbo irregular nm
 Young children often make mistakes with irregular verbs such as 'to go'.
 Ayer memoricé una lista de 50 verbos irregulares en inglés.
phrasal verb n (verb followed by a particle)phrasal verb voz inglesa
 verbo frasal loc nom m
regular verb n (verb that follows standard conjugation)verbo regular nm
 Walk is a regular verb in English, but "be" is irregular. "Aimer" is a regular verb in French; "être" is irregular.
 Comer es un verbo regular, pero "ir" y "ser" no lo son.
transitive verb n (verb that takes direct object)verbo transitivo nm
 Buy is a transitive verb because it requires a direct object to complete its meaning.
 Comprar es un verbo transitivo porque requiere de un complemento directo.
verb clause n (grammar: independent clause containing subject and predicate)oración principal nf
 La oración principal es una unidad con independencia sintáctica y sin conjunciones o adverbios que las introduzcan y las vinculen a otros elementos.
verb phrase frase verbal
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