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Plural form: wives

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Principal Translations
wife, plural: wives n (married woman)mujer nf
 esposa nf
 He has been married to his wife for three years.
 Ha estado casado con su mujer por tres años.
 Lleva tres años casado con su esposa.
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Compound Forms:
common-law wife n (woman in a partnership not formalized by marriage)concubina nf
 John had more than one common-law wife, though he was never married.
ex-wife n (woman one was formerly married to)ex esposa nf
 I still love my ex-wife.
 ex mujer nf
 famex n mf
 Con mi ex me llevo mejor ahora que cuando estábamos juntos.
future wife n (fiancée: woman one will marry)prometida nf
 Mi prometida se llama Linda.
 futura esposa nf
 Te presento mi futura esposa, Julia.
husband and wife npl (married couple)marido y mujer npl
 John and I became husband and wife ten years ago today.
 esposos, un matrimonio nmpl, nm
live as husband and wife v expr (cohabit as a couple)vivir como marido y mujer vi
Note: euphemism
 They might as well be married; they live together as husband and wife.
 No sé si están casados, pero viven como marido y mujer.
man and wife marido y mujer
trophy wife n (beautiful woman seen as status symbol for husband)de trofeo loc adj
 Men at the conference all seemed to have trophy wives.
 * Presumía de su esposa de trofeo enfrente de sus amigos.
wife material n informal (female suitable for marrying)(mujer) casadera (nf) adj
 prospecto de esposa nm
wife swapping n slang (swinging: exchange of sex partners)intercambio de parejas nm
 Wife swapping? You're joking, surely - he's a minister of the church!
 ¿Intercambio de parejas?, ¡seguramente estás bromeando!, es un ministro de la iglesia.
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