Inflections of 'application' (n): fpl: applications

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Principal Translations/Principales traductions
application nf (logiciel, programme)application n
 informal, abbrapp n
 Il y a une nouvelle application sur mon téléphone portable.
 There's a new application on my mobile phone.
application nf (attention)diligence n
 application n
 Cet élève travaille avec beaucoup d'application.
 This student shows a great deal of diligence in her work.
application nf (mise en pratique)application n
 practical application n
 putting into practice expr
 L'application de la théorie nécessite parfois des modifications.
 The application of the theory sometimes makes modifications necessary.
application nf (pose)application n
 Il retient son souffle pendant l'application de la feuille d'or.
 He held his breath during the application of the gold leaf.
Additional Translations/Traductions supplémentaires
application nf (motifs ajoutés)appliqué n
 Elle coud des applications de dentelle sur la robe.
 She is sewing lace appliqués onto the dress.
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Compound Forms/Formes composées
champ d'application nmfield of application n
entrée en application coming into effect, applying
mettre en application implement vtr
 put [sth] into practice v
 apply vtr
mise en application nf (loi, consigne, règlement) applicationenforcement
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