Inflections of 'subjonctif' (adj): f: subjonctive, mpl: subjonctifs, fpl: subjonctives

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Principal Translations/Principales traductions
subjonctif nm (mode verbal)subjunctive, subjunctive mood n
 On utilise le subjonctif pour exprimer sentiments, incertitude et nécessité entre autres.
subjonctif adj (relatif au mode subjonctif)subjunctive adj
 Fassions est une conjugaison subjonctive de faire.
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Compound Forms/Formes composées
à condition que + [subjonctif] on condition that expr
 providing (that), provided (that)
afin que + [subjonctif] in order that, so that conj
C'est dommage que + [subjonctif] It is a pity that…
 It is a shame that…
 Too bad (that)
 Too bad he can't make it today.
craindre que + [subjonctif] fear that, be afraid that v
de peur que + [subjonctif] fearing that
 I put my hands up, fearing that he might shoot.
 I put my hands up, lest he might shoot.
il est grand temps que + [subjonctif] it is high time (that) + [preterite]
il est important que + [subjonctif] it is important that
il est indispensable que + [subjonctif] it is essential that
il est nécessaire que + [subjonctif] it is necessary that
il est normal que + [subjonctif] it is natural that, it is normal that
il est peu probable que + [subjonctif] it is unlikely that
il est possible que + [subjonctif] it is possible that
il est rare que + [subjonctif] it is rare that
il est regrettable que + [subjonctif] it is regrettable that
il est temps que + [subjonctif] it is time that
il fallait que + [subjonctif] it was necessary to, it had to, one had to
 passiveshould have been, was needed
il faudra que + [subjonctif] it will be necessary to, one will have to
 passivewill need to be
il faudrait que + [subjonctif] it should, one should, one would need to, it would be necessary to
 passiveshould be
il faut que + [subjonctif] it is necessary to, one needs to, one has to
 passiveneed to be, must be, has to be
il importe que + [subjonctif] it is important that
il me tarde que + [subjonctif] I can't wait for, I can't wait until
il ne se passe pas un jour sans que + [subjonctif] not a day goes by without + [indicative]
 This stretch of road is really dangerous. Not a day goes by without an accident occurring.
il se peut que + [subjonctif] it is possible that
il se pourrait bien que + [subjonctif] it may well be that
il se pourrait que + [subjonctif] it may be that, it could be that
il semble que + [subjonctif] it seems that, it appears that
il semblerait que + [subjonctif] it would seem that
il suffit que + [subjonctif] it is enough to, it is sufficient to, all it takes to
il vaudrait mieux que + [subjonctif] it would be better if
il vaut mieux que + [subjonctif] it is better to + [infinitive]
 it is better that + [subjunctive or indicative]
imparfait du subjonctif imperfect subjunctive n
je suis d'avis que + [subjonctif] I think + [should]
 formalI am of the opinion that +[should]
 Je suis d'avis qu'on fasse demi-tour maintenant et qu'on rentre au camp avant la nuit.
 I think we should turn back now, so that we get back to camp before nightfall.
 I am of the opinion that we should turn back now in order to regain our camp before nightfall.
jusqu'à ce que + [subjonctif] until
le fait que + [subjonctif] the fact that
pour peu que + [subjonctif] if that, if only
pour que + [subjonctif] (in order) to + [infinitive]
 in order that, so that, so as to
pourvu que + [subjonctif] provided that, providing that
 on condition that
présent du subjonctif present subjunctive n
prier pour que + [subjonctif] pray that v
subjonctif imparfait imperfect subjunctive n
subjonctif plus-que-parfait pluperfect subjunctive n
subjonctif présent present subjunctive n
vivement que + [subjonctif] I'll be glad when, it'll be good when
 Roll on the day (when)
 I'll be glad when he's gone.
 Roll on the day he leaves!
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