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motherfucker interj offensive (obscene exclamation)  (προσβλητικό)άντε και γαμήσου!, γαμιέσαι!, γαμημένε! επίφ.
drop dead interj (go away! )  (φύγε, αγενές)άει στο διάολο, άντε χάσου, ψόφα επιφ.
 When he wouldn't leave her alone, she said, "drop dead" and walked away.
get lost! interj slang (go away!)χάσου, άντε χάσου, εξαφανίσου, χάσου από εδώ επιφ.
 You want to borrow more money from me when you haven´t repaid the last lot? Get lost!
off with you interj informal (leave, go now)  (φύγε, καθομιλουμένη, αγενές)άντε χάσου, στα τσακίδια επιφ.
chop chop interj informal (hurry up)  (καθομιλουμένη)άντε, βιάσου προστ.
 Chop chop! the party starts in half an hour and you're not even dressed yet.
get along interj (go away)άντε από εδώ, φύγε από εδώ επίφ.
 Why are you still here? Get along with you!
get away interj UK, slang (you're joking!)φύγε από εδώ, παράτα μας, άντε ρε, σώπα ρε επίφ.
 You saw the Queen in Burnley market? - get away!
get out of here interj. (expression of disbelief)τι μας λες, άσε ρε, άντε ρε επιφ.
 Get out of here! You bought that shirt for $20?
fuck off interj slang, vulgar (go away)  (χυδαίο)άντε γαμήσου επίφ.
 We don't want your type here, now fuck off!
fuck you interj slang, vulgar (expressing contempt)  (χυδαίο)άντε (και) γαμήσου επίφ.
 If you think I'm going to work for you for nothing ... well, fuck you!
get a life interj slang (expressing contempt)άντε ρε κακομοίρη επίφ.
Note: δεν υπάρχει ακριβής αντιστοιχία
 When I told them I was translating the Bible into Vulcan they all said “Get a life!”
roll on interj informal (expressing impatience or longing)άντε, αμάν επίφ.
 It's been a terrible week at work. Roll on Friday evening!
screw you interj slang, vulgar (expressing contempt)  (χυδαίο)άντε (και) γαμήσου, άι γαμήσου επίφ.
 “Hey buddy, screw you,” said the drunk.
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