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analysis n (study of the parts of a whole)analiza ż
 We will come to a decision only after careful analysis of the problem.
 Podejmiemy decyzję wyłącznie po uważnej analizie tego problemu.
scrutiny n (close examination)analiza ż
  dokładne badanie przym.+n
assay n (report, assessment)analiza, próba ż
autopsy n figurative (analysis)szczegółowa analiza przym.+ż
dissection n figurative (painstaking analysis)  (przenośny)sekcja ż
  szczegółowa analiza przym. + ż
postmortem n (analysis after an event)analiza po fakcie ż + przyim. + m
unpacking n (words: analysis of meaning)analiza znaczenia ż + n
casework n (study or investigation by a social worker)analiza przypadku ż + m
reanalysis n (repeated examination or interpretation)ponowna analiza przym. + ż
  reanaliza ż
urinalysis n (medical testing of urine)analiza moczu ż + m
cost benefit analysis analiza kosztów i zysków ż+m,ój.+m,
economic analysis analiza ekonomiczna ż + przym.
chemical analysis n (breakdown into constituent elements)analiza chemiczna ż + przym.
 We will know more about the toxins when we get the chemical analysis back from the lab.
genetic fingerprinting n (DNA profiling: identification by genes)analiza DNA ż+n
grammatical analysis n (study of grammar structure)analiza gramatyczna ż + przym.
 Grammatical analysis constitutes one of the most difficult tasks for a natural language processor.
linguistic analysis n (examination of language use)analiza językoznawcza ż + przym.
 The study of animal communications, called bio linguistics, is a fascinating branch of linguistic analysis.
market analysis n (examination of consumers' needs)analiza rynku ż + m
oral interpretation n (spoken analysis of texts)ustna analiza tekstu przym. + ż + m
 To complete the test, I had to give my oral interpretation of the significance of light and darkness in the Shakespeare play.
spectrum analysis n (physics: analysis of a range of rays)analiza widmowa ż + przym.
syntactic analysis n (computing: parsing)analiza składniowa ż+przym.
trend analysis n (predicting stock market from past activity)analiza trendów ż+m,
 The trend analysis predicted the DOW JONES stock index will surpass 10,000 points in 3 weeks.
urine analysis n (laboratory testing of urine)analiza moczu ż+m
 Presence of many illegal drugs can be detected by urine analysis.
variance analysis n (statistical procedure)analiza wariancji ż+ż,
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