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Główne tłumaczenia
dodatek addition, add-on, extra
  supplement, admixture, spice
  bonus, allowance
  annex, appendix, enclosure, addendum, insert
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Główne tłumaczenia
perk n colloquial (perquisite: benefit of a job)dodatek m
 Peter's salary isn't very high, but his job comes with great perks like health insurance and a staff discount.
bonus n (extra pay)dodatek m
  premia ż
 Every Christmas, Harry's company gives all the employees a bonus.
additive n ([sth] added)dodatek m
 The paint contains an additive that keeps it from fading.
accompaniment n (food: side dish)przystawka ż
  dodatek m
 Cranberry sauce makes the perfect accompaniment to brie.
adjunct n (sthg added)dodatek m
  uzupełnienie nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
appendage n ([sth] attached, added)dodatek m
condiment n (spice, seasoning or sauce)przyprawa ż
  dodatek m
 An assortment of condiments is available for the burgers.
also UK: annexe
(additional part of document)aneks, dodatek, załącznik m
 The graphs showing the company's recent progress can be found in the annexes to the report.
surplus n (extra quantity)dodatek m
 The suppliers got the order wrong and delivered 3,000 copies of the book instead of 300. The boss is on the phone to them now, trying to get them to come back and pick up the surplus.
supplement n (newspaper section)dodatek m
 The Sunday paper was fat with all the supplements.
additive n (food: substance added)dodatek m
 All additives must be identified on the nutrition label.
supplemental n ([sth] supplementary)dodatek, suplement m
supplement n ([sth] additional)dodatek m
  suplement m
 The Joneses rented a vegetable patch in their neighbour's garden, as a supplement to the one in their own.
accessory n (clothing: adornment)dodatek m
 None of my accessories go with my new dress.
add-on n (optional extra feature)dodatek m
  opcja dodatkowa dk.
  rozszerzenie nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
 The software has lots of add-ons.
bonus n informal ([sth] extra)dodatek m
 The kind teacher gave the students stickers as a bonus.
Dodatkowe Tłumaczenia
strip n (fringe)dodatek m
 The dress has a frilly strip at the waist.
complement n (part of meal)dodatek m
rider n (in contract, bill)dodatek m
 A rider was added to the bill specifying that Sunday trading could only take place within certain hours.
trim n (car: interior decor)wykończenie nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  dodatek m
 When you buy a new car, you can usually choose the trim.
appendix n (on document)dodatek, aneks m
  uzupenienie nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Formy złożone:
additionally adv (furthermore)co więcej
  na dodatek przym. + m
  dodatkowo przys.
 Additionally, it would reduce your workload significantly.
frill n (sthg superfluous)zbędny dodatek przym. + m
little extra n usually plural, informal (bonus, additional feature) (potoczny)mały dodatek przym. + m
mixer n (drink: for mixing)bezalkoholowy dodatek przyn.+m
 I have a bottle of vodka, but no mixers.
special n (edition)dodatek specjalny m + przym.
  wydanie specjalne n + przym.
 There is a special in today's newspaper.
London weighting
UK (London travel allowance)dodatek specjalny m + przym.
 The salary for this job includes a London weighting.
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