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tree n (plant)drzewo nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
 There are three trees in our back yard.
 Na naszym podwórku są trzy drzewa.
tree n (diagram)drzewo nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
 She showed the family tree that she had researched to the family.
 Pokazała rodzinie drzewo genealogiczne, które przestudiowała.
cork n (tree)drzewo korkowe n + przym.
lemon n (tree)drzewo cytrynowe n+przym.
nutmeg n (tree)drzewo muszkatołowe n + przym.
bay n (shrub)drzewo laurowe n+przym.
  wawrzyn m
hardwood n (deciduous tree)twarde drzewo przym.+n
locust n (wood of locust tree)drzewo chlebowe n+przym.
conifer n (fir tree)drzewo iglaste n + przym.
sandalwood n (Asian tree)drzewo sandałowe n+przym.
softwood n (tree: conifer)drzewo iglaste n + przym.
arbutus n (fruit-bearing shrub)drzewo truskawkowe n + przym.
ironwood n (variety of hardwood tree)drzewo żelazne n + przym.
jacaranda n (flowering tree)jakaranda ż
  drzewo lawendowe n + przym.
pollard n (pruned tree)ogłowione drzewo przym. + n
almond tree n UK (tree bearing almond seeds)drzewo migdałowe n + przym.
almond tree n US (tree bearing almond nuts)drzewo migdałowe n + przym.
 The ground beneath the almond tree was covered with nuts.
apricot tree n (tree bearing apricots)drzewo morelowe n + przym.
banana tree n (plant that bears bananas)bananowiec m
  drzewo bananowe n + przym.
 The banana trees were all knocked down when the hurricane passed through here.
coconut tree n (tropical palm tree bearing coconuts)drzewo kokosowe n + przym.
  palma kokosowa ż + przym.
 The monkey was trained to climb the coconut tree and pick the coconuts.
family tree n (genealogical chart)drzewo rodzinne n + przym.
 My sixteen great, great grandparents sit at the top of my family tree.
fruit tree n (tree which bears fruit)drzewo owocowe n + przym.
 Fruit trees lined the driveway leading to the house.
genealogical tree n (chart showing family relationships)drzewo genealogiczne n + przym.
 His genealogical tree includes diplomats and noblemen.
lemon tree n (fruit tree that bears lemons)drzewo cytrynowe n + przym.
 I want to plant a lemon tree in my yard because it will fill the air with the pungent smell of citrus fruit.
oak tree n (emblem: image of an oak tree)drzewo dębowe n + przym.
olive tree n (tree which bears olives)drzewo oliwne n + przym.
 Olive trees have been cultivated here for at least 5000 years.
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