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door n (to room, building, car)drzwi
 He opened the door and walked into the room.
 Otworzył drzwi i wszedł do pokoju.
hatchback n (rear door of car)drzwi tylne
back door tylne drzwi przym.+
  tylne wejście przym. + n
keep the door open mieć otwarte drzwi dk. + przym. +n
leave the door open for zostawiać otwarte drzwi dla B ndk. + przym. + n, l. mn. + przyim.
  zostawić otwarte drzwi dla B dk. + przym. +n, + przyim.
open-door policy polityka otwartych drzwi ż + przym. + n, l. mn.
shut the door zamykać drzwi
  zamknąć drzwi
barn door n (door of a farm building)drzwi do stodoły l. mn. + przyim. + ż
 Buying an alarm system after you've been burgled is a lot like closing the barn door after the horses are out.
cellar door n (door leading into basement)drzwi do piwnicy n + przyim. + ż
 Be careful going through the cellar door because the stairs are very steep.
 He went to get another bottle of wine and walked straight into the cellar door.
door key n (key to the door of a building)klucz do drzwi m + przyim. + l. mn.
 In modern hotels the door key is a plastic card.
door lock n (metal fixture for securing a door shut)zamek do drzwi m + przyim. + l. mn.
 After the thief broke in, I had a hard time replacing the door lock.
fire door n (fire-resistant inner door)drzwi przeciwpożarowe + przym.
 The employees were told off for wedging the fire doors open in the hot weather.
front door n (entrance door at the front of a house)drzwi wejściowe l. mn. + przym.
 My family usually goes in and out of the house by the kitchen door, but we prefer that guests use the front door.
inner door n (interior door)wewnętrzne drzwi przym. +
 The inner door of this room has not been painted yet.
lock the door v (close and secure the door with a key)zamykać drzwi na klucz
  zamknąć drzwi na klucz
 I always set the burglar alarm and lock the door when I go out.
 Don't forget to lock the door behind you when you leave.
open door
(policy of inclusion)otwarte drzwi przym. +
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 My boss has an open-door policy -- he wants his employees to feel comfortable talking to him any time.
ring the bell v (sound the doorbell)dzwonić dzwonkiem do drzwi
  zadzwonić dzwonkiem do drzwi
 When you ring the bell someone comes to open the door.
swing door n (door that swings in both directions)drzwi wahadłowe
 There was a large swing door at the entrance of the bar.
doorknob n (rounded door handle)gałka do drzwi ż + przyim. +
 You have to turn the doorknob to open the door.
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