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Główne tłumaczenia
drzwi door
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Główne tłumaczenia
door n (entry to room, building, car)drzwi ż, l.mn.
 He opened the door and walked into the room.
 Otworzył drzwi i wszedł do pokoju.
open door n figurative (invitation, [sth] giving access)drzwi ż, l.mn.
Uwaga: A hyphen is used when the term is an adjective
 "Gratitude is an open door to abundance." - Yogi Bhajan
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Formy złożone:
back door n (building: rear door)tylne drzwi przym.+ l.mn.
  tylne wejście przym. + n
 In this house the back door opens directly into the kitchen.
barn door n (door of a farm building)drzwi do stodoły l. mn. + przyim. + ż
 Buying an alarm system after you've been burgled is a lot like closing the barn door after the horses are out.
cellar door n (door leading into basement)drzwi do piwnicy wyr.
 Be careful going through the cellar door because the stairs are very steep. He went to get another bottle of wine and walked straight into the cellar door.
door key n (key to the door of a building)klucz do drzwi m + przyim. + l. mn.
 In modern hotels the door key is a plastic card.
door lock n (metal fixture for securing a door shut)zamek do drzwi m + przyim. + l. mn.
 After the thief broke in, I had a hard time replacing the door lock.
fire door n (fire-resistant inner door)drzwi przeciwpożarowe ż, l.mn. + przym.
 The employees were told off for wedging the fire doors open in the hot weather.
front door n (entrance door at the front of a house)drzwi wejściowe l. mn. + przym.
 My family usually goes in and out of the house by the kitchen door, but we prefer that guests use the front door.
hatchback n (rear door of car)drzwi tylne ż, l.mn. + przym.
 Kim opened the hatchback and pulled out the backpacks and hiking poles.
inner door n (interior door)wewnętrzne drzwi przym. + ż, l.mn.
 The inner door of this room has not been painted yet.
keep the door open v expr figurative (allow possibility)pozostawiać otwarte drzwi zwrot ndk.
  być gotowym do czegoś zwrot posił.
 The Prime Minister said he would like to keep the door open for future negotiations.
leave the door open for [sb/sth] v expr figurative (allow possibility, access)zostawiać otwarte drzwi dla B ndk. + przym. + n, l. mn. + przyim.
  zostawić otwarte drzwi dla B dk. + przym. +n, l.mn. + przyim.
 When the reigning gold medalist fell, she left the door open for her competitors.
lock [sb] out vtr + adv (prevent from entering a place)zakluczyć przed kimś drzwi zwrot dk.
Uwaga: The single-word form is used when the term is a noun
 I started banging on the door when I realised he had locked me out of the apartment.
lock the door v (close and secure the door with a key)zamykać drzwi na klucz
  zamknąć drzwi na klucz
 I always set the burglar alarm and lock the door when I go out.
open-door policy n (politics: free movement) (równe traktowanie państw)polityka otwartych drzwi wyr.
 The country decided to adopt an open-door economic policy.
ring the bell v (sound the doorbell)dzwonić dzwonkiem do drzwi
  zadzwonić dzwonkiem do drzwi
 When you ring the bell someone comes to open the door.
shut the door v expr figurative (put up a barrier)zamykać drzwi
  zamknąć drzwi
 He failed his entrance exam, which has shut the door on him becoming a lawyer.
swing door n (door that swings in both directions)drzwi wahadłowe ż, l.mn. + przym.
 There was a large swing door at the entrance of the bar.
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