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none pron pl (nobody)nikt m
 None have been as popular as Marilyn was.
 Nikt nigdy nie był tak popularny jak Marilyn.
nobody n figurative (insignificant person)nikt zaim.
nobody pron (zero people)nikt zaim.
a nobody n (an unimportant person)nikt m
 Why would she want to date me? She's a supermodel; I'm a nobody.
no one pron (nobody, not a single person)nikt zaim.
 I thought I heard someone, but there was no one there.
not a single person pron (nobody, not anyone)nikt zaim.
 Not a single person was in favour of the price increases.
none other than [sb] nikt inny tylko on m + przym. + przys. + zaim.
no one else,
no-one else
(not any other person)nikt inny zaim. + przym.
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