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person n (human being)osoba ż
 Which person are you talking about? The mother or the daughter?
 O której osobie mówisz? O matce czy o córce?
individual n (a single person)osoba ż
  osoba indywidualna ż+ przym.
   (slang)indywiduum m
 Only one individual turned up at opening time.
 Tylko jedna osoba przyszła na czas otwarcia.
bully n (person)tyran m
  osoba znęcająca się ż+przym.
diner n ([sb] eating)osoba jedząca ż+przym.
  gość m
escort n (companion)osoba towarzysząca ż + przym.
escort n (prostitute)osoba do towarzystwa ż + przyim. + n
incumbent n (in election)osoba zajmująca urząd ż+przym.+m
dependant n ([sb] financially supported)osoba będąca na utrzymaniu
hustler n (energetic person)energiczna osoba przym.+ż
fundraiser n (charity worker)osoba zbierająca fundusze ż+przym.+m,
lender n (money lender)osoba udzielająca pożyczki ż+przym.+ż
  pożyczkodawca ż
beachcomber n (scavenger: on beach)osoba zbierająca to co wyrzuci fala na brzeg
peddler n informal ([sb] who promotes sthg)osoba rozpowszechniająca ż+przym.
probationer n (criminal on probation)osoba pod nadzorem sądowym ż+przyim.+m+przym.
persona n (literature, theatre: character)osoba, postać ż
kingpin n (bowling: centre pin)ważna osoba, ważna postać przym.+ż
shill n slang ([sb] planted to lure custom)osoba podstawiona ż + przym.
snooper n informal (nosy person)wścibska osoba przym.+ż
person in charge osoba kierująca ż + przym.
self-starter przedsiębiorcza osoba przym.+ż
contracting party n ([sb] hiring external worker)osoba zlecająca ż+przym.
drop out,
US, informal (person who withdrew from school before graduation)osoba któa rzuciła szkołę
 It's hard for high school drop-outs to get a good job.
experienced person n ([sb] practised or knowledgeable)doświadczona osoba przym. + ż
good person n ([sb] who is kind and honest)dobra osoba przym. + ż
handicapped person n dated ([sb] who is physically disabled)osoba upośledzona fizycznie ż + przym. + przys.
 It's a home for mentally handicapped people.
handicapped person n dated ([sb] with learning difficulties)osoba upośledzona ż + przym.
 He may have had learning difficulties, but he resented being called a "handicapped person.".
important person n (prominent individual)ważna osoba, ważna osobistość przym. + ż
 When I asked why the street was blocked off the officer explained that some "important person" was due to arrive.
influential person n ([sb] powerful or important)wpływowa osoba przym. + ż
influential person n ([sb] who inspires and motivates)wpływowa osoba przym. + ż
 My maths teacher was a very influential person in my intellectual development.
innocent person n ([sb] who is not guilty of an offence)osoba niewinna ż + przym.
 The jury was able to tell from the evidence that the man on trial was an innocent person.
inquiring mind,
UK: enquiring mind
(interest person)ciekawa osoba przym. + ż
irritable person n ([sb] who is habitually grumpy)ciągle zirytowana osoba przys. + przym. + ż
 I wish I could talk to my boss about this, but he is such an irritable person that it puts me off.
large person n ([sb] fat or ample)tęga osoba przym. + ż
 He is a large person and has difficulty finding clothes to fit.
loved one n (close family member or friend)osoba kochana ż + przym.
 The loss of a loved one is hard to bear.
man at the helm n figurative (director, man in charge)osoba zarządzająca ż + przym.
 The man at the helm works 12 hours a day to keep the company running smoothly.
meat eater n ([sb] who eats animal flesh)osoba mięsożerna ż + przym.
 My sister is a vegetarian but the rest of us are meat eaters.
missing person n ([sb] who has disappeared)osoba zaginiona ż + przym.
 My husband hasn't been seen for three days and the police have recorded him as a missing person.
number one,
(favourite person)ulubiona osoba przym. + ż
 Ron is my number one person.
old person n (senior citizen, elderly individual)starsza osoba przym. + ż
 She was rather spry for an old person.
responsible person n ([sb] sensible and trustworthy)odpowiedzialna osoba przym. + ż
 The company sought to hire a responsible person to guard the offices in the evening.
right-handed person n ([sb] whose right hand is dominant)osoba praworęczna ż + przym.
sad person n ([sb] to be pitied)smutna osoba przym. + ż
selfish person n ([sb] self-interested)osoba samolubna ż + przym.
 Gilbert is a selfish person who's only interested in getting what he wants out of other people.
shy person n ([sb] timid or reserved)nieśmiała osoba przym. + ż
 She was such a shy person, she could not talk to strangers.
single person n ([sb] without a partner)samotna osoba przym. + ż
stupid person n informal, pejorative (idiot)głupia osoba przym.+ż
 A stupid person cannot add two and two.
third person n (grammar: he, they, etc.)trzecia osoba liczeb.+ż
 When I say "he spoke", I'm using the verb in the third person.
third person n (narrative in third person)trzecia osoba liczeb.+ż
 When I write "he looked at them and laughed", I'm writing in the third person.
third string n (American football: players ranked third in ability)trzecia osoba liczeb. + ż
 Jones is the third-string drama critic for the newspaper.
violent person n ([sb] physically abusive)gwałtowna osoba przym.+ż
 I don't see what she sees in him because he's such a violent person.
wage earner n ([sb] who works to support family)osoba utrzymująca rodzinę ż+przym.+ż
 The husband is the traditional wage earner in the family.
weak-willed person n ([sb] with no willpower)osoba pozbawiona silnej woli
 He was a weak-willed person who never escaped his father's influence.
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