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Główne tłumaczenia
osoba person, individual
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Główne tłumaczenia
plural: people
(human being)osoba ż
 Which person are you talking about? The mother or the daughter?
 O której osobie mówisz? O matce czy o córce?
individual n (a single person)osoba ż
  osoba indywidualna ż + przym.
  indywiduum nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
 Only one individual turned up at opening time.
 Tylko jedna osoba przyszła o godzinie otwarcia.
person n (grammar)osoba ż
 The third person singular of the present tense of "to be" is "is".
character n informal (person) (potoczny)typ m
  osoba ż
 I don't know what that character's doing, but I am next in line!
life n (human being)osoba ż
 Twenty lives were lost in the bombing.
Dodatkowe Tłumaczenia
body n figurative (person)osoba ż
  człowiek m
 Leslie felt happier than a body has the right to be.
figure n (personality, person with standing)osoba ż
  postać ż
 Being a public figure, he was criticised by many people.
plate n (serving, person being served)osoba ż
 The luncheon will cost fifty dollars a plate.
individual n informal (person)osoba ż
 She is an odd individual.
scold n (person who finds fault)osoba, która często ruga innych wyr.
 Cathy is a scold; she's always finding fault with people.
one pron formal (+ who: unspecified person)osoba ż
 One should always take care not to offend others.
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Formy złożone:
aborigine n (native, indigenous person)osoba rdzenna ż + przym.
abuser n ([sb] who misuses drugs, etc.)osoba nadużywająca, osoba uzależniona ż + przym.
account executive n (sales representative)osoba odpowiedzialna za konto
beachcomber n (scavenger: on beach)osoba zbierająca to co wyrzuci fala na brzeg
chief executive officer n (CEO: senior manager)osoba z główną władzą wykonawczą
 The president is the chief executive officer of the nation.
Chief Operating Officer n (executive in charge)CEO
  osoba z główną władzą wykonawczą
companion n ([sb] who accompanies)towarzysz m
  osoba towarzysząca ż + przym.
 I'm happy to be my grandmother's companion when she visits the doctor.
dresser n (person: in a given style)ubierać się zwr. ndk.
  osoba ubierająca się wyr.
 Rachel is an elegant dresser.
 Rachel ubiera się elegancko.
 Rachel to osoba ubierająca się elegancko.
dummy n (person: stand-in for [sb] else)podstawiona osoba przym. + ż
 Dave told the real estate agent he was buying the property for himself, but really he was acting as a dummy for a businessman who wanted to remain anonymous.
evacuee n (refugee, displaced person)osoba ewakuowana ż + przym.
 The evacuees were placed in churches and shelters.
experienced person n ([sb] practised or knowledgeable)doświadczona osoba przym. + ż
framer n ([sb] who writes legislation, constitution)osoba redagująca akt prawny ż +przym. + ż + przym.
freelance n informal (self-employed or contract worker) (potoczny)wolny strzelec przym. + m
  osoba pracująca na własny rachunek wyr.
 I used to work for a big corporation but now I'm a freelance.
fundraiser n (charity worker)osoba zbierająca fundusze ż+przym.+m, l.mn.
 She works as a fundraiser for a major nonprofit.
gatecrasher n figurative, informal (uninvited attendee)osoba niezaproszona ż + przym.
 I have a feeling that those two guys weren't invited to the wedding - they're gatecrashers.
good person n ([sb] who is kind and honest)dobra osoba przym. + ż
gusher n ([sb] exceptionally effusive)osoba wylewna ż + przym.
handicapped person n dated ([sb] with learning difficulties)osoba upośledzona ż + przym.
 He may have had learning difficulties, but he resented being called a "handicapped person.".
honoree n (recipient of an award)osoba wyróżniona ż + przym.
important person n (prominent individual)ważna osoba, ważna osobistość przym. + ż
 When I asked why the street was blocked off the officer explained that some "important person" was due to arrive.
influential person n ([sb] who inspires and motivates)wpływowa osoba przym. + ż
 My maths teacher was a very influential person in my intellectual development.
innocent person n ([sb] who is not guilty of an offence)osoba niewinna ż + przym.
 The jury was able to tell from the evidence that the man on trial was an innocent person.
invitee n (invited person)osoba zaproszona ż + przym.
irritable person n ([sb] who is habitually grumpy)ciągle zirytowana osoba przys. + przym. + ż
 I wish I could talk to my boss about this, but he is such an irritable person that it puts me off.
layperson n figurative ([sb] uninitiated, non-expert) (przenośny)osoba świecka ż + przym.
lender n (money lender)osoba udzielająca pożyczki ż+przym.+ż
  pożyczkodawca ż
 We've applied to several lenders for a mortgage.
loved one n (close family member or friend)osoba kochana ż + przym.
 The loss of a loved one is hard to bear.
major n (adult)osoba dorosła ż + przym.
 A major is a person who has reached adulthood.
meat eater n ([sb] who eats animal flesh)osoba mięsożerna ż + przym.
 My sister is a vegetarian but the rest of us are meat eaters.
motivator n ([sb] or [sth] who inspires action)osoba motywująca ż + przym.
  motywator m
northerner n (person from northern region)osoba z północy
number one,
(favourite person)ulubiona osoba przym. + ż
 Ron is my number one person.
old person n (senior citizen, elderly individual)starsza osoba przym. + ż
 She was rather spry for an old person.
one and the same n (same person or thing) (osoba)jedna i ta sama osoba wyr.
  (rzecz)jedno i to samo wyr.
 At the end of the story, the boy and his twin were revealed to be one and the same!
parolee n (person freed on parole)osoba zwolniona warunkowo ż + przym. + przys.
plural: persons
(law: natural person)osoba fizyczna ż + przym.
 All companies and persons are subject to the regulation.
referee n (person giving reference)osoba polecająca ż + przym.
 Please give details of two referees, one of whom should be your most recent employer.
repairer n ([sb] who fixes or mends)osoba reperująca, osoba naprawiająca ż + przym.
responsible person n ([sb] sensible and trustworthy)odpowiedzialna osoba przym. + ż
 The company sought to hire a responsible person to guard the offices in the evening.
roper n ([sb] who uses a rope to catch livestock)osoba chwytająca lassem
selfish person n ([sb] self-interested)osoba samolubna ż + przym.
 Gilbert is a selfish person who's only interested in getting what he wants out of other people.
sharer n (person who shares [sth])osoba dzieląca się ż + przym. + zaim.
shearer n (farmer who shears sheep)osoba strzygąca owce
shuffler n (person who shuffles playing cards)osoba tasująca ż + przym.
shy person n ([sb] timid or reserved)nieśmiała osoba przym. + ż
 She was such a shy person, she could not talk to strangers.
significant other n (partner, spouse)najbliższa osoba przym. + ż
  partner życiowy m + przym.
sneak n (underhand person)podejrzana osoba przym. + ż
 Tamsin thinks Simon is a sneak.
speaker of [sth]
(person who uses a language) (w danym języku)osoba mówiąca po wyr.
 Speakers of Italian often find it quite easy to learn Spanish.
weak-willed person n ([sb] with no willpower)osoba pozbawiona silnej woli
 He was a weak-willed person who never escaped his father's influence.
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