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fit vtr (clothing)pasować D ndk.
 Does this shirt fit you, or is it too big?
 Czy ta koszula na ciebie pasuje, czy jest zbyt duża?
dub vtr (knighthood)pasować B ndk.
knight vtr (dub, make a knight)pasować B ndk.
fold vi (quit in poker)pasować ndk.
  spasowa dk.
fay v (fit together tightly )pasować ndk.
fit in pasować dk.
slot in pasować ndk.
fit together vi (interlock)pasować ndk.
 The pieces of a puzzle are supposed to fit together perfectly.
go together vi (form a pleasing combination)pasować ndk.
  dopasować dk.
 Wine and cheese go together very well.
match vi (clothing, designs)pasować do siebie ndk.+przyim.+zaim.
 Do my clothes match?
 Czy moje ubrania pasują do siebie?
fit in with pasować do dk. + przyim.
be in harmony with vtr (correspond to, fit in with)pasować do ndk. + przyim.
 His houses were designed to be in harmony with nature.
fit like a glove vi idiom (fit perfectly)pasować jak ulał
 I had to buy a replacement bumper for my car from a junk yard, but it fits like a glove.
go with v (clothes, colours: look well with)pasować do ndk. + przyim.
  dopasować do dk. + przyim.
 These shoes go with that handbag.
harmonize with vtr (colour: go well with)pasować do B ndk. + przyim.
  dopasować do B dk. + przyim.
 The blue and purple flowers in the display harmonize with the silvery foliage.
fit into vtr (be suited to)pasować do ndk. + przyim.
 When Quinn moved to a new town, she immediately fit into her new high school.
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