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sex n (coitus, love)seks m
 The couple has sex twice per week.
 Ta para uprawia seks dwa razy w tygodniu.
proposition vtr (propose sex)proponować seks B ndk.+m
  zaproponować seks B dk.+m
scissor vi slang (have lesbian sex)uprawiać lesbijski seks B ndk.+przym.+m
have sex uprawiać seks ndk. + m
have sex with mieć seks z dk. + m + spój,
anal sex n (sex via the anus)seks analny m + przym.
 Homosexual men often engage in anal sex.
premarital sex n (sexual intercourse before marriage)seks przedmałżeński m + przym.
 Some people do not believe in premarital sex - they believe you should wait until you are married to have sex.
sex appeal n (sexual attractiveness)sex appeal
   (potoczny)seks apil
 After shaving her head she had little sex appeal.
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