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remit n (law: referral of case)przekazanie sprawy n+ż
Exterior n (politics: foreign affairs)Sprawy Zagraniczne ż, + przym.
have other fish to fry mieć inne sprawy na głowie dk. + przym. + ż, + przyim. + ż
have other things to do mieć inne sprawy do zrobienia dk. + przym. + ż, l. mn. + przyim. + n
not a big deal nie ma sprawy part. + dk. + ż
civil affairs npl (United Nations: civilians working with local authorities)sprawy cywili ż, l. mn. + m, l. mn.
commercial affairs npl (business matters or transactions)sprawy zawodowe ż, + przym.
complicate matters v (create complications or difficulties)komplikować sprawy B ndk. + ż, l. mn.
  skomplikować sprawy B dk. + ż, l. mn.
 Keep it simple, there's no need to complicate matters.
foreign affairs npl (politics: international relations)sprawy zagraniczne ż, + przym.
 The professor was a prominent foreign affairs expert and had advised several presidents on international matters.
forget about it interj slang (don't mention it, you're welcome)nie ma sprawy
 A: You have done so much for me! B: Forget about it!
forget about it interj slang (don't worry, it's not important)nie ma sprawy
 Look, it's not such a big deal that I lied to you, so forget about it already!
matters of importance npl (serious issues)ważne sprawy przym. + ż,
 The directors dealt with matters of importance in a board meeting.
money matters npl (financial considerations)sprawy pieniężne ż, + przym.
 He let his wife handle all the money matters, like paying the bills and saving for holidays.
political affairs npl (matters of government)sprawy polityczne, sprawy rządowe ż, + przym.
nitty gritty n informal (practical details)sprawy praktyczne ż, + przym.
 Let's not worry about the nitty gritties until we understand the basic concept.
public affairs npl (current events of public interest)sprawy publiczne ż, + przym.
 That television station has 6 hours a day of public affairs programming.
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