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carriage n (of baby)wózek m
cart n (pushed or pulled)wózek m
cart n (shopping cart)wózek m
trolley n (factory cart)wózek m
trolley n (serving cart for food)wózek m
buggy n (child's pushchair, stroller)wózek m
dolly n (cinema: platform on wheels)wózek m
stroller n (baby's pushchair)wózek m
pram n UK (baby carriage)wózek m
baby carriage n US (stroller for baby)wózek m
shopping cart n (shopping trolley)wózek m
wheelchair n (for handicapped)wózek inwalidzki m+przym.
barrow n UK (pushcart, mobile market stall)wózek straganiarski m+przym.
wagon n (child's toy vehicle)zabawkowy wózek przym.+m
forklift n (pronged truck)wózek widłowy m + przym.
dune buggy wózek plażowy m + przym.
baby carriage n US (pram)wózek dla dziecka m + przyim. + n
 The umbrella-style baby carriages fit neatly in the car.
hand truck n (2-wheeled trolley)wózek dwukołowy m+przym.
 A hand truck, or sack truck, is used to move heavy bags and boxes without lifting them.
forklift n abbr (vehicle used to move loads on steel forks)wózek jezdniowy m + przym.
 The warning label on my sleeping pills advise against operating heavy machinery such as forklifts.
wheelchair n (chair with wheels for the disabled)wózek inwalidzki m + przym.
 Many buildings don't provide access for wheelchairs,.
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