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Główne tłumaczenia
wózek baby carriage, pram, stroller
  trolley, cart
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Główne tłumaczenia
cart n (pushed or pulled)wózek m
trolley n UK (shopping cart)wózek m
  koszyk m
 Rose pushed the trolley around the supermarket.
buggy (US),
pushchair (UK)
(child's pushchair)wózek m
 Sarah and Ian took their newborn out for a stroll in a buggy.
stroller n US (baby's pushchair)wózek m
 The cabin crew will check your stroller on the aircraft.
shopping cart n (shopping trolley)wózek m
dolly n (cinema: platform on wheels)wózek m
 The director used a dolly for the actors' stroll along the platform.
cart n (handcart: barrow)wózek m
  wózek ręczny m + przym.
 The workers loaded the refrigerator on a cart and wheeled it out to the customer's car.
cart n US (shopping cart)wózek m
 For a healthy diet, make sure to fill your cart with fresh fruits and vegetables.
trolley n UK (serving cart for food)wózek m
 The stewardess pushed the trolley along the aisle, offering the passengers drinks and food.
trolley n UK (for moving luggage)wózek m
 The family used a trolley to take their luggage from the taxi to the airport check-in desk.
Dodatkowe Tłumaczenia
trolley n UK (mine or railway cart)wózek m
 The coal was shovelled into trolleys that took it to the surface.
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Formy złożone:
baby carriage (US),
pram (UK)
(pram)wózek dziecięcy m + przym.
 Old-fashioned baby carriages are beautiful, but they're not very practical.
barrow n UK, dated (pushcart, mobile market stall)wózek straganiarski m + przym.
 Joe pushed his barrow wearily up the hill to the market place.
dune buggy,
beach buggy
(vehicle used on sand)wózek plażowy m + przym.
 It was my first time driving a dune buggy out in the desert.
forklift n (truck for lifting)wózek widłowy m + przym.
hand truck n (2-wheeled trolley)wózek dwukołowy m + przym.
 A hand truck, or sack truck, is used to move heavy bags and boxes without lifting them.
wagon n (child's toy vehicle)zabawkowy wózek przym. + m
 The children took turns pulling each other in a wagon.
wheelchair n (wheeled chair for disabled person)wózek inwalidzki m + przym.
 A car accident confined Ann to a wheelchair.
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