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Główne tłumaczenia
wojskowy army, military, martial
  military man, soldier
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Główne tłumaczenia
martial adj (military)wojenny, wojskowy przym.
 The ancient Romans were a martial people.
(military officer)wojskowy m
Uwaga: capitalized when used as a title
 The marshal gave us the command to charge.
Dodatkowe Tłumaczenia
military adj (relating to armed forces)wojskowy przym.
  militarny przym.
 Alexander the Great was a brilliant military strategist.
military adj (typical of armed forces)wojskowy przym.
 In order to get everything done, she plans her day with military precision.
military n (armed forces)wojskowy przym.
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Formy złożone:
airman n (air force pilot)lotnik, pilot wojskowy m
court martial
(military trial)sąd wojskowy m + przym.
 Following his court-martial, the major was given a dishonourable discharged.
military aircraft,
plural: military aircraft
invariable (plane, helicopter used by armed forces)wojskowy statek powietrzny wyr.
military attaché n (army officer on diplomatic mission)wojskowy attaché przym. + m
 Colonel Gunfree is the military attaché for this crucial mission.
military band n (instrumental group that plays on military occasions)zespół wojskowy m + przym.
 The military band was called to play at the governor's funeral, since he was an ex-Marine.
military camp n (army encampment)obóz wojskowy m + przym.
 The refugees were never so happy as when they first saw the military camp for the liberation forces.
military chaplain n (clergyman who ministers to army personnel)kapłan wojskowy m + przym.
 The military chaplain collapsed from exhaustion after ministering to so many casualties.
military coup n (military overthrow of government)wojskowy zamach przym. + m
 The president had to flee the country after a successful military coup.
military intelligence n (analysis of enemy operations)wywiad wojskowy m + przym.
 Thanks to military intelligence, we have uncovered the enemy's operation in time.
military officer n (member of military staff)oficer wojskowy m + przym.
military transport n (army vehicles)transport wojskowy m + przym.
troop transport n (vehicle: carries soldiers)transporter wojskowy m + przym.
warplane n (military aircraft)samolot wojskowy m + przym.
 The rebels claim that they have shot down a warplane which was dropping missiles on several towns.
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