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job n (responsibility)zadanie ż
 When your father is away, it's your job to mind your little brother.
 Gdy nie ma twojego ojca, twoim zadaniem jest pilnować swojego braciszka.
problem n (math)zadanie n
 I have a series of maths problems to do for homework.
 Mam zestaw zadań matematycznych jako pracę domową dla ciebie.
task n (thing to do)zadanie n
 I have ten tasks that I need to complete today.
 Mam dzisiaj dziesięć zadań do wykonania.
assignment n (short task)zadanie n
 His boss gave him three assignments to be completed by the end of the week.
 Szef zlecił mu trzy zadania do wykonania do końca tygodnia.
demand n (specific requirements)żądanie n
 The workers threatened to strike if their three demands were not agreed to.
 Pracownicy zagrozili strajkiem jeśli ich żądania nie zostaną przyjęte.
operation n (mission)operacja ż
 zadanie n
stint n (time period)zadanie n
behest n (strong request)żądanie n
demand for n (insistent call for)żądanie n
 There is a high demand for water during the hot, dry summer months.
homework n (school work)praca domowa ż+przym.
 zadanie domowe n+przym.
 Jimmy is very good at doing his homework every day after school.
 Jimmy jest bardzo dobry w odrabianiu pracy domowej każdego dna po szkole.
a tall order wymagające zadanie przym.+n
tall order trudne zadanie, wygórowane żądanie
hard job n (difficult task)ciężkie zadanie, trudne zadanie przym. + n
 In this recession, we're going to have a hard job persuading the boss to spend money on new computers.
have the job of vtr (be charged with)mieć za zadanie
 I have the job of cleaning the swimming pool every week.
on demand adv (as and when requested)na żądanie, na życzenie przyim. + n
 The shop doesn't stock fresh milk, but they'll order it for you on demand.
whistle stop n US (railway station: request stop)przystanek na żądanie
 From Chicago to New Orleans, there are many whistle stops along the tracks.
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