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Traduções principais
água sfwater nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
water n (liquid)água sf
 Don't step in the water!
 Não pise na água!
aqua n (water)água sf
water n (drink) (bebida)água sf
 Waiter, please bring us some water.
 Garçom, podia trazer um pouco d'água, por favor?
water n (glass of water) (copo d'água)água sf
 Waiter, please bring us three waters.
 Garçom, podia trazer três águas, por favor?
Traduções complementares
water n (rain) (chuva)água sf
 After the storm, there were puddles of water everywhere.
water n (contents of a river, ocean)água sf
 I'm going swimming in the water. Are you coming?
water n (surface of a lake, pond)água sf
 Look how smooth the water is in the morning.
water n (a liquid solution)água sf
 Some people say you should drink sugar water when you are ill.
the drink n figurative, dated (body of water)água sf
 He leaned over the railing and fell into the drink.
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Formas compostas:
a drop in the ocean n UK, informal, figurative (amount: trivial) (figurado)uma gota d'água loc sf
  uma gota de água no oceano loc sf
 The money I give to charity is a drop in the ocean compared to some people.
backwater n (water pushed back)remanso sm
  água estagnada loc sf
bail [sth] out,
UK: bale [sth] out
vtr phrasal sep
(boat: empty water)tirar água loc vt
 The canoe is so full of water, it's about to sink; time to bail it out!
bilge water
(dirty or stagnant water)água parada loc sf
by water adv (via boat, ship)por água, por via marítima loc adv
 It takes a long time to travel to Australia by water.
carbonated water n (fizzy water, soda)água gaseificada
  água com gás loc sf
chlorine bleach n (chemical whitening solution) (solução química alvejante)água sanitária loc sf
  lixívia sf
club soda n (carbonated water, soda water)água mineral com gás loc sf
 In some parts of the USA, club soda is called "sparkling water" or "seltzer."
coconut juice n (liquid inside a coconut)água de coco loc sf
 All you need to do to drink the coconut juice is puncture the coconut and insert a straw.
cold water n (water: not hot)água fria loc sf
 The football team poured cold water on the coach's head.
cologne n French, US (men's perfume)colônia sf
  água-de-colônia sf
 Why does he insist on wearing that strong cologne?
 Por que ele insiste em usar essa colônia forte?
 Por que ele insiste em usar essa água-de-colônia forte?
cream cracker biscuit,
cream cracker
(savoury biscuit)biscoito de água e sal loc sf
dirty water n (water which is unclean)água suja
 The students refused to drink the dirty water from the school water fountain.
dormer n (type of roof window) (espécie de sótão)água-furtada sf
Eder dam n (water barrier in Germany) (Alemanha)reservatório de água Eder loc sm
fish out of water n figurative ([sb] in an unfamiliar place or situation) (fig, alguém num lugar desconhecido, estranho)peixe fora d'água loc sm
 Although a fantastic football player, he was a fish out of water on the golf course.
flow rate n (amount of liquid flowing)fluxo de água loc sm
 The flow rate depends on the size of the pipe.
flow rate n (output speed of a fluid)fluxo de água loc sm
fossil water n (water trapped underground)água fóssil loc sf
founder vi figurative (fail or collapse) (figurado)naufragar v int
  (figurado, informal)afundar v int
  (figurado, informal)ir por água abaixo loc verb
 The venture foundered when the market dried up.
freshwater lake n (lake whose water has no salt content)lago de água doce loc sm
 We like to go to the freshwater lake in the mountains to fish.
graham crackers npl US (crisp wholewheat biscuits) (biscoitos crocantes de trigo integral)cream crackers sm pl
  biscoito de água e sal loc sm
 I always put cheese on graham crackers.
groundwater n (water beneath the soil)água subterrânea loc sf
holy water n (water blessed by a priest)água benta loc sf
 Holy water is said to have miraculous healing powers.
hot pack n (heated compress for pain relief)bolsa de água quente loc sf
hydrologic cycle n (cyclical movement of water)ciclo da água, ciclo hidrológico loc sm
 Intensive deforestation can cause problems with the hydrologic cycle.
like a fish out of water adv (out of place, out of one's element) (fora de seu elemento natural)como peixe fora d'água loc adv
 I always feel like a fish out of water at formal gatherings.
mineral water n (drinking water containing minerals)água mineral loc sf
 The tap water is safe but I prefer to drink mineral water.
pour down vi phrasal informal (rain heavily) (chover muito)cair um pé d'água loc v int
  cair um toró loc v int
 I hope you've got an umbrella, it's pouring down today!
rain down vi phrasal figurative (fall heavily and copiously) (cair pesada e copiosamente)chover copiosamente loc v int
  cair um pé d'água loc v int
  cair um dilúvio loc v int
redwing n (bird: small thrush) (ave: tordo pequeno)tordo-pisco sm
  melro-d'água sm
saltwater n (sea water) (água do mar)água salgada loc sf
seawater n (salt water from the ocean)água do mar loc sf
seltzer n (fizzy mineral water)água gasosa loc sf
soda n (carbonated water)água com gás loc sf
 Daisy added some soda to her whisky.
tank n (storage container for liquids)tanque sm
  reservatório sm
  caixa-d'água sf
  cisterna sf
 When they arrived at their holiday home, the Smiths turned on the water and heard the tank in the loft start to fill.
tap water n (drinking water from a faucet) (água de beber da torneira)água da torneira loc sf
 Would you like bottled water or tap water?
tidewater n (water affected by ocean tides)água de preamar loc sf
toilet water n (eau de cologne)água de colônia loc sf
  (estrang.)eau de toilette loc sf
tonic water n (drink: carbonated water) (beber: água gaseificada)água tônica loc sf
 I'd like a large tonic water with a slice of lemon, please.
tonic water n (drink: carbonated water) (beber: água gaseificada)água tônica loc sf
 I'd like a large tonic water with a slice of lemon, please.
tread water v expr (keep head above water by moving limbs)manter a cabeça fora d'água loc vt
  patinhar vt
  nadar cachorrinho loc v int
 Beginners' swimming lessons include teaching students how to tread water.
underwater camera n (watertight device for taking photos underwater) (à prova d'água para tirar fotografias)câmera à prova d'água loc sf
valley n (roof junction)revessa sf
  água-furtada loc sf
 There was a valley between the roofs of the two wings of the house.
water vtr (animals)dar água loc vt
 You need to feed and water the horses.
water adj (pertaining to water)de água loc adj
 Can you get the water bottle for me?
waterbed n (bed filled with liquid)cama d'água loc sf
water hole
(natural pool of drinking water) (de água potável)olho d'água loc sm
  cisterna sf
(mill driven by water)moinho d'água loc sm
  azenha sf
waterside adj (situated beside a body of water)à beira d'água loc adj
  praiano, ribeirinho adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
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