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cantor singer, crooner
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chanter n ([sb] who chants)cantor sm
singer n ([sb] who sings)cantor sm
rapper n (rap music performer)cantor de rap loc sm
MC n slang (rap artist)  (gíria, estrangeirismo)rapper sm
  cantor de rap loc sm
choirboy n (young male choral singer)  (de coral)menino cantor loc sm
cantor n ([sb] who leads singing in church)chantre, cantor sm
UK: caroller
US (singer of Christmas songs)cantor natalino loc sm
crooner n (singer of popular ballads)cantor romântico loc sm
blues singer n ([sb] who sings blues music)cantor de blues loc sm
 Muddy Waters is a well-known blues singer.
jazz singer n (vocalist who sings jazz music)cantor de jazz
 Ella Fitzgerald was an amazing jazz singer.
opera singer n (vocalist who performs opera)  (cantor de ópera )cantor lírico loc sm
 The opera singer would have preferred to sing Verdi rather than Wagner.
country singer n (vocalist who performs country music)cantor sertanejo loc sm
 She moved to Nashville to fulfill her dreams of becoming a country singer.
folk singer n (vocalist who performs folk music)cantor popular loc sm
 Folk singers often accompany themselves on simple musical instruments, such as the guitar.
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