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festa sfparty nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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party n (social gathering)  (encontro social)festa sf
 I'm throwing a party tonight.
 Eu vou dar uma festa hoje à noite.
fete n (formal party)  (festa formal)festa sf
partying n (having fun by dancing, etc.)  (divertir, dançar)festejo sm
  festa sf
shindig n informal (lively party)  (coloquial: reunião alegre)festa sf
   (coloquial)reuniãozinha sf dim
fest n suffix (festival)festa sf
fest n suffix, informal (mass gathering or event)festa sf
fiesta n (festival, celebration)festa sf
  festival sm
fiesta n (Spanish feast day)festa sf
bash n (party)  (gíria)festa sf
festival n (in streets)festejo sm
  festa sf
party adj (of, for social meeting)de festa loc adj
 The music creates a nice party atmosphere.
soiree n (evening party)festa, soirée sf
sleepover n (child's overnight party)  (festa de criança)festa do pijama loc sf
housewarming n (party in new home)  (na nova casa)festa de inauguração loc sf
housewarming adj (party: celebrating new home)  (comemoração )festa de inauguração loc adj
partying adj (having fun by dancing, etc.)de festa loc adj
rejoicing n (joyous celebration)festa, comemoração, celebração sf
  alegria, júbilo, regozijo sf
potluck n US (meal to which guests bring dishes)  (festa em que convidados levam comida)festa americana loc sf
block party n US (neighbourhood celebration)festa no bairro loc sf
 All neighbors joined in a great block party to celebrate Halloween.
costume party n US (fancy-dress party, costumed ball)festa à fantasia loc sf
 Children often dress up at Halloween for costume parties.
evening reception n (wedding: party taking place in the evening)  (casamento : festa )festa de casamento loc sf
 Anyone and everyone's invited to the evening reception.
harvest festival n (religious celebration of crops gathered)festa de colheita loc sf
 When celebrating the harvest festival, it's traditional to offer a small part of the harvest as a gift.
harvest home n (celebration of the end of the harvest)festa da colheita loc sf
 Harvest home is one of the great traditions of the agricultural cycle.
Canada Day n Can (Canadian national day: 1st July)  (Dia nacional canadense)Dia do Canadá loc sm
  Festa do Canadá sf
 Canada Day commemorates the confederation of Canada on July 1, 1867.
Feast of Booths n UK (Jewish harvest festival)Festa dos Tabernáculos loc sf
have a feast fazer uma festa
  dar um banquete
house party grupo de convidados
  festa de vários dias
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