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work vtr (persuade)persuadir vt
  induzir vt
 The minister worked the congregation into an exultant state.
reason vtr (persuade)convencer, persuadir vt
 He wants to quit, but she is going to try to reason with him.
talk into
(persuade)persuadir vt
 She talked him into going to the cinema that night.
coax vtr (persuade, entice)seduzir, persuadir vt
wheedle vtr (coax, obtain: [sth] from [sb])seduzir, persuadir vt
blag vi UK, slang (use persuasion)  (gíria)persuadir, convencer v int
gain over vtr (persuade, attract [sb])persuadir, convencer, ganhar vt
 Over the years, Romeo gained over Juliet; she had fallen deeply in love with him.
get at vtr slang (influence [sb] illegally)  (influenciar alguém ilegalmente)subornar, persuadir vt
 All the evidence is against us, we'll have to see if we can get at the jury.
hook [sb] into [sth] vtr (persuade [sb] to do [sth])  (a fazer algo)persuadir, convencer alguém loc vt
persuade vtr (convince)  (convencer)persuadir vt
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