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a cabo

WordReference English-Portuguese Dictionary © 2017:

Traduções principais
cabo smcable nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
handle n (tool, object: place to grip)cabo sm
 Grab the axe by the handle and swing.
 Pegue o machado pelo cabo e golpeie.
cable n (wire) (fio, conjunto de fios)cabo sm
 The acrobats are suspended with wire cables so they appear to be flying.
 Os acrobatas são pendurados por cabos para dar a impressão que eles estão voando.
hilt n (sword or knife handle) (de espada)cabo, punho sm
 The hilt of the sword had a beautiful, intricate design.
corporal n (military officer) (militar)cabo sm
 Please report to the corporal at the end of your shift.
cord n (flex: electric cable) (cabo elétrico)fio sm
  cabo sm
 This cord is too short to reach the electrical outlet.
cape n (geography) (geografia)cabo sm
 Theresa watched the sun rise at the cape this morning.
 Teresa viu o nascer do sol no cabo hoje de manhã.
shaft n (handle of golf club)cabo sm
 The golfer gripped the shaft of her club and prepared to make her shot.
Traduções complementares
grip n (handle)cabo sm
 The grip on the old knife was worn and needed to be replaced.
flex n UK (cord, cable)cabo, fio sm
 Tim replaced the flex on his phone.
guy n (tent rope)corda sf
  cabo sm
 You have to fasten the guy down on that stake.
guy n (cable used on ship mast)cabo sm
  corda sf
 You pull that rope and I'll manage the guy to keep it from going all over the place.
shaft n (handle of tool)cabo sm
 Jane grasped the shaft of the axe and swung it with all her force.
cable n (anchor chain) (náutica: corda grossa)cabo sm
 The deck on the ship is slippery, so be careful not to trip over the cable.
 O convés do navio está escorregadio, então cuidado para não tropeçar no cabo.
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Formas compostas:
across-the-board adj (global, universal) (global, universal)em geral, de cabo a rabo loc adj
 Across-the-board tax increases hurt the poor far more than the rich.
analog line,
UK: analogue line
(cable for transmitting data non-digitally)cabo analógico loc sm
 This computer has a modem, allowing it to send data over an analog line.
 O computador tem um modem, que permite que se enviem dados por um cabo analógico.
battery cable n (connects cars' batteries) (para carro)cabo de bateria loc sm
belay [sth] or [sb]
(secure with a rope)amarrar vt
  (náutico)dar volta ao cabo loc vt
bring [sth] off vtr phrasal sep informal (succeed in carrying [sth] out)levar a cabo expres v
 We didn't think that he could bring it off, but the success of his business proved us wrong.
broom handle n (long stick of a broom)cabo de vassoura sm
 Attach the broom handle to the broom head.
broomstick n (handle of broom)cabo de vassoura loc sm
 The witch in the fairy tale flew away on her broomstick.
cable [sth/sb] vtr (provide [sth/sb] with cable)conectar por cabo expres v
  ligar com cabo expres v
cable [sth] vtr often passive (supply with cable television)ter TV a cabo, possuir TV a cabo expres v
 Our house isn't cabled, so we only get local channels.
 Na nossa casa não tem TV a cabo, então só pega canais locais.
cable television n (tv broadcasting via cable)televisão a cabo
cable TV n informal, abbreviation (cable television)tv a cabo loc sf
canvasser n (person soliciting votes) (de votos)angariador sm
  cabo eleitoral loc sm
 Tina worked as a canvasser for the presidential campaign.
Cape Town n (city in South Africa) (cidade na África do Sul)Cidade do Cabo loc sf
 Cape Town is the second most populous city in South Africa.
carry through with [sth] v expr UK (complete)completar vt
  levar a cabo loc vt
 She has good intentions but never carries through with them.
coaxial cable n (cable for conducting signals)cabo coaxial loc sm
 A coaxial cable is used to carry a TV signal from the antenna to the TV.
Cuban coney n (extinct rodent)damão-do-cabo sm
execute [sth] vtr (plan: put into action)executar vt
  levar a cabo loc verb
 The company executed its plan to bring in new business and it was a great success.
go through with it v expr informal (do [sth] daunting)levar adiante loc verb
  seguir com loc verb
  levar a cabo loc verb
  realizar vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
 Bethan had doubts about applying for the job, but eventually went through with it.
 Betânia tinha dúvidas sobre se candidatar para o emprego, mas depois levou adiante.
jumpers npl informal, abbreviation (jumper cables) (engenharia elétrica)cabo para chupeta sm
 Paul kept a pair of jumpers in his car in case he left his lights on.
lead n (electricity: connecting wire)cabo condutor sm
 First, connect the red lead to the brown connector.
panhandle n (handle of a pan) (literal)cabo de frigideira, cabo de caçarola loc sm
panhandle n US (strip of land extending from larger area) (fig., extensão territorial longa e estreita)cabo de frigideira, cabo de caçarola loc sm
perform [sth] vtr (duty, task: carry out) (executar)realizar, efetuar vt
  (cumprir)levar a cabo expres v
 If you can't perform the activities required, find someone who can.
 Os espiões realizaram a missão.
power cable n (electricity supply line) (linha de fornecimento de energia)cabo de energia elétrica loc sm
  cabo de energia loc sm
 As there was no mains supply on the camp site, we had to run a power cable from a generator.
power cord n (electrical cable) (cabo de energia)cabo de energia elétrica loc sm
  fio elétrico loc sm
  fiação sf
power line n (electricity supply cable) (cabo de fornecimento de energia)rede de energia elétrica loc sf
  cabo de energia loc sm
  rede de alta tensão loc sf
 When lightning struck a nearby power line, our neighbourhood suffered a blackout for several days. Hundreds of homes were without electricity last night after a storm took down power lines.
see [sth] through vtr phrasal sep informal (task, project: complete) (tarefa)levar a cabo expres v
 It won't be easy, but we'll see this project through.
set out to do [sth] vtr phrasal insep (undertake) (empreender)levar a cabo expres v
  empreender vt
  encarregar-se vp
telephone cord n (wire attaching phone handset) (fio que liga o telefone à base)fio telefônico loc sm
  cabo telefônico loc sm
 Cordless phones allow you to walk around freely because there's no telephone cord.
to the hilt adv (knife: to the handle)até o cabo loc adv
 He ran the blade in right to the hilt.
transmission line n (power cable) (cabo de energia)linha de transmissão loc sf
  cabo elétrico loc sm
transmission line n (power cable) (cabo de energia)linha de transmissão loc sf
  cabo elétrico loc sm
tug of war,
tug o' war
(game: pulling on rope) (jogo com corda)cabo-de-guerra sm
 The heaviest people are at the back in games of tug-of-war.
tug of war
figurative (struggle, competition) (figurado: competição)luta, medição de força, batalha sf
  (figurado)cabo-de-guerra sm
 They will not get anything done until they cease this tug-of-war and start pulling in the same direction.
underground cable n (large pipe running under the earth) (cano largo que passa sob a terra)cabo subterrâneo loc sm
 Electric power is transmitted via underground cables.
undertake [sth] vtr (project: commit to) (projeto: comprometer-se)assumir, executar vt
  (informal, gíria)levar a cabo expres v
 The builder agreed to undertake the renovation.
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